On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump put out a statement in which he called November 3, 2020 a day of insurrection, playing on the narrative that the riot that occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 was an insurrection.

Trump has long contended that the 2020 election was “stolen.” 

On Thursday, CNN’s Dana Bash said Trump’s statement made her feel “physically sick.”

She made her statement on CNN’s “New Day” program.

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Bash: ‘I Don’t Even Have Words Anymore’

Bash said she was “physically sick reading that statement.” She said that Trump continues to say the election was stolen from him and awarded to Joe Biden is what makes her sick.

Bash said, “We’re not in the alternate reality. We’re in the real reality.”

“I don’t even have words anymore to describe except to say that I was physically sick reading that statement when the former president put it out last night,” Bash added. “Not because it was surprising, not because it was new, but because it was still happening.”

The CNN host continued, “And let’s be clear why he did it then. He did it to give cover to his lieutenants and to encourage them to defy the January 6 Committee.”

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Bash Wants Trump Aides Subpoenaed

Bash said she is is ready for certain people to testify.

“As Elie Honig was describing in the last hour, they really are limited in their power to get the Trump people from Mark Meadows to Dan Scavino to come and testify even with subpoenas,” Bash went on.

“And what the former president was doing was saying keep on keeping on, atta boy, and also continuing to grow and to foment the support for that defiance among his supporters,” Bash finished.

In his statement, Trump took aim at the Democrat-led January 6 committee:

So far, there hasn’t been any proof provided that the election was stolen, while multiple states conduct audits or have called for the same.

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