CNN’s Chris Cuomo Exploits Alex Trebek’s Cancer to Score Political Points Against Trump

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has been accused of politicizing Alex Trebek’s cancer diagnosis by the Media Research Center when he recently said the “Jeopardy!” host deserved credit for sticking to facts during a time of “rampant truth abuse in our politics.”

Politicizing Tragedy

In a YouTube video Wednesday, Trebek announced he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. According to Fox News, “The ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ namesake then made ‘veiled references to President Trump’ and ‘used the news to promote CNN’s empty slogan’ when covering the news, according to MRC analyst Nicholas Fondacaro.”

“In a time that is all about what is keeping us apart, we got tough news today about someone who has always brought America together, literally for decades,” Cuomo said.

Then he made a comment that was definitely more political in nature.

“Trebek is a major asset to our culture, not just to the game show,” Cuomo said.

“In a time of shallow beliefs and rampant truth abuse in our politics and beyond, every night he makes facts first,” Cuomo added.

‘Exploiting Trebek’s Cancer Diagnosis to Score Political Points’

“Cuomo treats his show as a prosecutor’s argument and courtroom against President Trump” and feels his message to Trebek was no exception, Fondacaro wrote. “Seemingly every night, Cuomo uses his show to rail against the President with suggestions he’s tearing us apart and poisoning the dialogue with lies and misinformation. So, given that blatant history, it’s clear that Cuomo [is] exploiting Trebek’s cancer diagnosis to score political points.”

Fondacaro also noted that Cuomo “has a history keeping nothing sacred and away from politics.”

Is Anything Sacred?

Politicizing everything and showing transparent media bias has long been a hallmark of both Cuomo and his news home, CNN.

During the 2016 election, Cuomo basically admitted on air that CNN was doing everything it could to get Hillary Clinton elected.

“We (CNN) could not help her (Hillary Clinton) any more than we have… she’s got just a free ride so far with the media,” Cuomo said on air.

“We’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign,” he added.

CNN is in the tank for Democrats in basically everything the outlet “reports.” Why should anyone be surprised one of their hosts would politicize Alex Trebek’s illness?

President Trump doesn’t call CNN “fake news” for nothing.

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