Whoa! MAJOR Media Liberal Dropped a Bombshell About Hillary Clinton!

Chris Cuomo

Well, there you have it. Any doubts about the media’s preferred candidate can be erased.

CNN host Chris Cuomo dropped the veil of fair and impartial journalism at his network, admitting that “we (CNN) could not help her (Hillary Clinton) any more than we have… she’s got just a free ride so far with the media.”

“We’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign,” he added. Via Liberty Eagle:

Has CNN officially turned into the Clinton News Network? Watch this video and decide for yourself. CNN anchors, Chris Cuomo and Brooke Baldwin, were discussing the possibility of Hillary Clinton entering the 2016 presidential race. The video begins with Mr. Cuomo explaining how Mrs. Clinton’s refusal to publicly announce her run for the highest office in the land was hurting other potential Democrat candidates due to wealthy donors withholding their money while waiting for her announcement.

It is at this moment Mr. Cuomo makes a highly controversial statement that Republicans are using as proof that CNN is engaging in political favoritism: “We couldn’t help her anymore than we have. You know, she’s just got a free ride so far from the media and we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign.”

Take a look …

Think about that – “We’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign.” Why would any self-respecting journalist ever utter those words? Unless they were being critical of their peers, which Cuomo clearly is not.

As Don Irvine of Accuracy in Media wrote, not supporting Clinton “could be devastating to their (the media’s) hopes of continuing Democratic rule.”

Comment: Does this clip of Cuomo saying ‘we’re the biggest ones promoting Hillary’s campaign’ prove the media has been biased in their handling of her for quite some time? Share your thoughts below.

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