CNN Suddenly Discovers China Lied About Coronavirus Origin And Numbers

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CNN was on the receiving end of a fair share of mockery following an “exclusive” report in which documents were discovered showing that China downplayed their COVID-19 numbers and lied about the origins of the pandemic.

The ‘breakthrough’ reporting involved information President Trump has been explaining to the American people for ten months, yet was ridiculed for by the mainstream media.

Anchor Jake Tapper introduced the network’s report on Monday, involving a “trove” of leaked documents from inside China that showed the Communist nation had published “misleading” data on coronavirus cases and deaths in the province of Hubei.

Wuhan is located in Hubei.

“These documents, a rare, clear, and open window into what China knew all along, trying to appear in control while a local outbreak turned into a global pandemic,” CNN international security editor Nick Paton Walsh explained.

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CNN Mocked For ‘Exclusive News’

Viewers were quick to jump all over CNN for reporting what was already widely known by anybody with a working set of eyes and ears.

“CNN Finally Realizes China Lied 10 Months Later,” the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) chimed in by observing CNN chose to wait until after the election to present information that was widely already known by the President and his administration.

“The better question for [CNN] is why they waited until after the election for their public epiphany that China misled the world about Coronavirus,” Zeldin tweeted. “This isn’t news.”

Steve Krakauer, a one-time senior digital producer for CNN, hammered his former employer for not airing the “exclusive” information prior to the election as well.

“The kind of story that gets published on November 30, but not on October 30…” he chided.

Another observer expressed sarcastic exasperation asking: “You mean the Communist Chinese Government lied? And the American “news” media all but covered it up to dunk on Trump?”

It would certainly appear that way.

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The CNN Cover-Up On Behalf Of China

It doesn’t take much to demonstrate that CNN in large part ran cover for the Chinese Communist Party throughout the pandemic.

Of course, they can now deliver an “exclusive” to the contrary now that they believe Joe Biden has won the election.

In March, CNN ran a report in which they knocked President Trump and Republican lawmakers for “an attempt to blame China for the pandemic itself, obfuscating any responsibility US and other officials have for their own handling of it.”

Commentary writer Drew Holden helpfully gathered up similar stories in which he accused CNN of “parroting CCP talking points on coronavirus.

Make no mistake about it – CNN’s current report is designed to run cover so that Biden, upon taking office and perhaps seeing the pandemic extend well into his initial days there, will have the excuse that was never granted to Trump.

This is yet another example of how CNN is no more accomplished in the field of journalism than a local middle school newspaper.

CNN was more than happy to report that the United States had surpassed every other nation on Earth in confirmed coronavirus cases.

Doing so meant they had to accept reports coming from China or even Iran. And they did.

They misled the American people all because they didn’t want to admit the President was right.

They did so in tandem with the Biden campaign.

Biden campaign advisor Ron Klain praised China’s government for its response to the virus on a CNN broadcast, heralding the fact that the Communist nation had “built hospitals in two or three days.”

In fact, the network didn’t even want to hear what President Trump had to say – a counterpoint to the pro-China sentiments of the Biden campaign – period.

CNN anchor Don Lemon suggested all the way back in March that his network should no longer carry coronavirus press briefings by the President because he “keeps lying.”

“I have said I don’t think that you should really listen to what he says, you should listen to what the experts say,” Lemon told his colleague Chris Cuomo. “I’m not actually sure, if you want to be honest, that we should carry that live.”

Perhaps if they ran it live, their viewers wouldn’t have been as ill-informed as Lemon perpetually is.

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