CNN Pushes Inane Fantasy About Nancy Pelosi Becoming President

CNN is pushing a column that envisions a scenario in which Vice President Mike Pence gets pulled into the impeachment process, resulting in Nancy Pelosi becoming President.

The column, written by CNN legal analyst Paul Callan, completely fantasizes about Pence having committed his own impeachable offense in phone calls with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

Callan suggests that if Pence knew about Trump’s alleged request to withhold military aid from the country if they don’t investigate corruption involving a political opponent – something transcripts have shown did NOT happen – then the second in command could himself be impeached.

And that would open the door to the House Speaker ascending to the Oval Office.

“If Pence’s September trip was intentionally designed to reinforce Trump’s demand for a ‘favor’ with an intimidating follow-up message from the vice president, Pence may have a serious problem,” the CNN contributor writes.

“What might follow could be a double impeachment scenario that would make heads spin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the president of the United States,” Callan dreams. “After Pence, she’s next in the line of succession.”

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Dream a Little Dream of Pelosi

Even if there is an off chance that President Trump is impeached, then Mike Pence follows suit, and both men are removed from office in the Senate, Callan admits there is still a way to prevent Pelosi from advancing.

“If Trump and Pence were both implicated in the scandal and Pence’s resignation or removal from office occurred first, Trump could nominate a new vice president under the 25th Amendment,” he explains.

Callan and his CNN handlers aren’t the only ones in the media to openly fantasize about Nancy Pelosi becoming President.

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The Washington Post earlier this month ran a column envisioning a similar scenario.

In their column, they state that Trump and Pence could be forced from office over “abuse of power related to the administration’s dealings with Ukraine or other misdeeds.”

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange predicted nearly three years ago that Democrats led by Hillary Clinton were actively pushing to impeach Trump because they thought Pence would be beatable.

Leave it to the establishment media to make the next leap in logic, going directly to a Pelosi presidency.

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