CNN Host Don Lemon Claims Trump Is ‘Embarrassing Himself’ With Relief Delay

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The radically liberal CNN host Don Lemon claimed that Donald Trump was “just embarrassing himself” with the delay in signing the COVID-19 relief bill.

Lemon Says Trump Is ‘Embarrassing’ 

“Ron, I got to tell you, watching this as much as you can as a layperson over the holidays because I was spending time off and not working, it’s embarrassing,” Lemon said as he spoke to Ronald Brownstein, the senior editor at The Atlantic. “The president is just embarrassing himself and really ruining whatever legacy that he has acquired since he’s been in office.”

“These stimulus checks, Ron, were already slated to go out as soon as this week,” he added. “Though, that timing could slide according to an administration official. And then the president comes in. He delays the deal for a week. It’s not just politics. There are real — this impacts Americans who are counting on this money.”

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Brownstein Agrees 

Brownstein was quick to agree with Lemon’s anti-Trump sentiments.

“Well, embarrassing is the right word, Don,” he said. “If he actually wanted to affect the substance of this bill, he has months to intervene, but he was completely checked out on this bill as he has been on the broader pandemic itself.”

“Since the election he’s been focussed on trying to overturn the election,” Brownstein added. ‘He’s been pressuring the Justice Department to appoint special prosecutors aimed at his political opponents. He’s been dolling out pardons to his cronies and confederates and all while being AWOL on what is becoming an almost unimaginable national security challenge.”

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“We have been saying we’re living through a 9/11 or a Pearl Harbor a day,” he concluded. “The projections from the University of Washington is that the month of January could exceed even that astounding death toll. We are talking about maybe 100,000 projected deaths in the month of January from COVID and the president is simply AWOL on it while he’s nursing his own grievances.”

Given what a radically leftwing joke Lemon’s own show has become during Trump’s presidency, many would argue that he’s the last one who should be calling the actions of anyone else “embarrassing.”

This piece was written by James Samson on December 29, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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