CNN And MSNBC Executives Worry About The Post-Trump Era – Where Will They Get Their Ratings Now?

Top executives at CNN and MSNBC have apparently called urgent meetings to discuss their ratings in a future without President Trump to cry about.

The hysterically anti-Trump news organizations seem to have finally found something they like, or will miss, about President Trump.

“What Happens When You Don’t Need Us?”

According to The New York Times, executives at CNN and MSNBC have called the private meetings between anchors and producers, as to how they are supposed to tackle the future without President Trump to easily rile up their viewers.

CNN and MSBNC have hit record highs in the Trump era, with CNN besting their 40-year-viewership record in November, and MSNBC hitting heights that they have never reached since their creation back in 1996.

“People at both networks know that viewers who abhorred President Trump may no longer need their nightly therapy sessions with Rachel Maddow or Don Lemon,” writes John Koblin and Michael Grynbaum.

“What happens,” asked one MSNBC on-air personality, “when you don’t need us?”

Nightly therapy sessions?

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The Best CNN And MSNBC Meltdowns Of The Trump Era

If President Trump is no longer in the White House after Noon on January 20th next year, then we’ll no longer see any of the epic meltdowns that have occurred from all the liberal journalists.

Here are some of their clips.

In May, Don Lemon couldn’t help but gloat when President Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus.

“In large part, it’s his own dereliction [that] is partly to blame to this,” Lemon said,

Lemon became unglued in October after NBC agreed to give President Trump a Town Hall at the same time as Biden during the presidential campaign.

“Why on Earth would NBC agree to do that?” a clearly livid Lemon told his fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo.

Only two weeks later, Lemon said that he had to dump many friends of his that were Trump supporters, claiming they’re “just like drug addicts.”

Cuomo and Lemon, during the Black Lives Matter riots, went and compared the rioters to American revolutionaries, fighting against the tyrant that was President Trump and white supremacy.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany slapped down CNN’s Jim Acosta in September, after he blamed President Trump for all the coronavirus deaths.

Not satisfied by being slapped down by McEnany, Acosta also received the Trump treatment a number of times.

Moving away from CNN, MSNBC’s Joy Reid said that because the presidential race was so close, America is “anti-black” and racist.

Reid in August compared President Trump to Fidel Castro, saying he was a “decrepit, corrupt monarch.”

Reid claimed that, of course, Nazis are walking around in America, and it’s all President Trump’s fault!

MSNBC’s Maddow allowed Susan Rice to suggest that President Trump was sending troops to “shoot peaceful protestors” in American cities.

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If Joe Biden ultimately prevails, it’s not just CNN and MSNBC viewers that will lose out. 

Conservatives and supporters of the President will also lose out on great content like this!