CNN Invents New Gun: “Full Semi-Automatic AR-15”

cnn full semiautomatic ar 15

CNN, the network that once reported a mass shooter was armed with an “AR15 Shotgun,” has added another new term to our firearm lexicon: “full semi-automatic.”

For the longest time, gun control advocates have used the terms “automatic” and “semi-automatic” interchangeably, which is why you hear people calling for automatic weapons and machine guns to be banned, even though they have been since 1934.

Perhaps “full semi-automatic” is an attempt to save face?

According to the Daily Wire,

The moment took place during a CNN report presented as “An Up-Close Look at the AR-15,” which involves retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling, someone who does not believe the AR-15 should be banned. However, at one point in his demonstration of how the gun operates, Lt. Hertling says he is going to use the gun in “full semi-automatic” mode. CNN follows his statement by stating that the AR-15 is “a weapon designed to inflict maximum damage.”

As highlighted by Twitchy, pro-Second Amendment advocates, including NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, responded to the segment by noting that there’s no such thing as “full semi-automatic.” Hertling apparently just meant “pulling the trigger as fast as you can.”

Below is the segment, followed by a few examples of responses to the “full semi-automatic” line:

Regardless of what CNN calls it, that doesn’t change the fact that an AR-15 fires one bullet at a time.

Gun owners were quick to respond and mock the segment, which truly showed nothing more than what a person shooting an AR-15 looks like. There was no “new” revelation in this segment, despite how they tried to imply that this is somehow “almost” like automatic fire.

Would it kill those in the media reporting on guns to at least be accurate about it?

Liberals complain that gun control never gets passed because of the NRA’s supposed influence, but in reality, they’ve simply proven themselves unable to come up with any convincing arguments for gun control themselves.

Should the media learn a thing or two before reporting on guns? Tell us your thoughts below!