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CNN Freaks Out Over Barr ‘Spying’ Testimony

Whitney Tipton on April 11, 2019

CNN took issue with Attorney General William Barr’s use of the term “spying” during his testimony Wednesday, using social media to say that Barr provided no evidence to support his claim.

Barr was asked by Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen about his plans to review conduct related to the Trump investigation. “I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal,” Barr told the Senate Appropriations subcommittee. “I think spying did occur, yes. I think spying did occur.” Shortly thereafter, CNN published a tweet:

Attorney General William Barr says spying on Trump campaign “did occur,” but provides no evidence.

Questioning Barr’s testimony appeared to be the theme for the network’s evening programming, with anchors and guests offering commentary that supported the position that there is no evidence that the Trump campaign was spied on.

On his “Inside Politics” show John King said the term “spying” was significant and “that word has meaning. When the attorney general of the united states says ‘spying’ … he’s channeling his boss the President.”

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper characterized the term “spying” as “loaded,” describing Barr’s testimony as “striking” for someone who is typically “lawyerly and precise.” Cooper asked if Barr was just sending a message that he is the president’s “guy,” and he was embracing Trump’s “conspiracy theory about the origins of the Russia probe.”

His colleague Chris Cuomo said choice of the word “spying” was calculated, “an insult to the men and women” who work for Barr, and a “defamatory way to refer to surveillance.”

“CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon called Barr a soft-spoken man with a sterling reputation in Washington, but whose “outrageous claim that the Trump campaign was spied on” was not supported by any evidence.

Declaring that the “paranoid lunacy of the right wing” has taken over the Department of Justice, CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin added that Barr’s remarks were “loaded’ and “false” during a segment on Cooper Anderson’s show.

“This is a classic demonstration of the ‘Fox Newsification’ of the Republican party,” Toobin said.

CNN has struggled to regain ratings losses after investing two years into substantial coverage of investigations into President Trump’s alleged Russian collusion, culminating in lackluster Mueller report findings and subsequent ratings drops for CNN’s political line-up.

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  • NO EVIDENCE? How about the way they used a Hillary-bought-and-paid-for smear job on Trump to obtain the FISA warrant they used to justify their SURVEILLANCE, and they just CLEAN forgot to mention that little detail to the FISA judge? NO EVIDENCE? In the Bizarro World of CNN, the truth is usually JUST the opposite of what they're saying and yes, there is an ABUNDANCE of evidence of what the CONNIVING Commucrats--INCLUDING Obama and Hillary--did when they started the whole "Russian collusion" hoax in at attempted coup d'etat by LAWYER against a duly elected President.

  • The likes of Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and company may have finally overstepped. As for the Democrat beholding media, they take their talking points from the leaders of the DNC. Watch them ---- they all say the same thing, switching on cue. Hopefully, their end is near!

  • What I seen yesterday was so sickening! Pelosi was a little frustrated when being ask about collusion yesterday being filmed. She said go talk about heath care. I kid you not, at 4:00 pm every one of those damn stations were taling about health care!!!! How President Trump had nothing planned. How neglience ect. It was totally crazy!! Each day they have a plan. Then when it blows away they start on another. I was stunned!! They new since President won election they were in deep trouble. They are. Only way out is to rid our President. They need to be arrested. Then go in front of military court and be put away and then be charge with the extremely severe criminal charges. Never to leave prison except in a body bag!!


  • Let's just see how CNN and the others can turn this into that same garbage of the past two years. Now will they call Barr a liar? Will that make Mueller a liar? Wow. This will be entertaining to watch CNN and MSNBC all flush themselves down the drain.

  • play with fire and you're going to get burnt...the DemoRATS cannot (still) get over the fact that the best person for the position of President WON...and thank the stars Dillary didn't...

  • When does their bias NOT show? They have not broadcast ANYTHING that wasn't scripted by the DNC and/or part of their ongoing non-stop Trump bashing since the day he won the election that was rigged in Hillary's favor. THAT is why they can't accept that he won--they can't figure out how he DID win, when the election was RIGGED seven ways from Sunday in Hillary's favor!

    It's called "divine intervention," you TWITS. You know--God heard the fervent prayers of MILLIONS of Americans who were SICK of watching the conniving COMMUCRATS take a MEAT AXE to our Constitution and trying to destroy our country. That would be the GOD you folks don't believe in, who answered those prayers, and you and ALL your election and voter fraud are no match for Him!

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