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Clock Boy’s Latest Move Is Sure To Enrage You – Sick!

Clock Boy

Can you believe this? Attorneys for Ahmed Mohamed – the Clock Boy – now say he was publicly mistreated when he was arrested for the device that a teacher said could be a bomb, and the family is seeking $15 million dollars in damages.

This family and these attorneys should be ashamed. This boy got to talk to the president of the United States. I say what happened to him was covered more than enough. If the family wants $15 million while they are living in another country. I say they earn it.

According to the Star-Telegram:

Mohamed’s attorneys sent letters Monday to the city and the school district, claiming Mohamed’s “reputation in the global community is permanently scarred.”

“One also would anticipate that Ahmed, quite reasonably, will have a lifelong fear of the law enforcement and educational establishments that have let him down so terribly,” Plainview-based attorney Kelly D. Hollingsworth said in both letters.

Hollingsworth requested $10 million from the city of Irving and $5 million from the school district, and also demanded written apologies from the school district, Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne, and Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd.

Mohamed was handcuffed and suspended from Irving MacArthur High School on Sept. 14 after administrators grew suspicious of a homemade clock he brought to class.

Let’s face it: if Ahmed’s clock were ‘Jennifer’s clock,’ and if the pencil case were ruby red bedazzled with a clear rhinestone skull and crossbones on the cover, this would never have happened,” the letter states.

Yep, that’s right.  Because “Jennifer” has never blown anyone up, and if it were “bedazzled” it wouldn’t have looked like a bomb!!

Watch the video report:

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H/T: Star-Telegram