Clintons to Refile 5 Years of Tax Returns after Reuters Finds Grave Errors; Twitter Blows up!

Well…well….well. After a Reuters review that uncovered irregularities within the Clinton Foundation on how they reported donations to their charities, Bill and Hillary Clinton are refiling at least five annual tax returns just in case there are other errors.


Reuters first reported the errors on form 990s that include over- or under-reporting by millions of dollars from amounts donated by foreign governments. The foundation also failed in many cases to disclose the donations as separate from total revenue.

Come On… The Clintons employ the best, most expensive tax lawyers available and we are supposed to believe they suddenly discovered they made a “mistake”?

More like caught with their hand in the cookie jar and are now trying to cover their tracks.

When will it be enough already when it comes to the Clinton’s unwillingness to tell the truth the first time around. Are they so privileged that they can simply lie to the public, the IRS, or anyone else and be expected to be exonerated? When will America finally decide these two do not deserve the attention they are getting and put them in their place? It’s time to clean house in Washington and demand accountability and honesty from those we send to represent us.  

Please pay attention people, and vote with knowledge of what they’re doing. Does this mean we will get the FULL story regarding the millions of foreign money donated to the Clinton Foundation? I highly doubt it. The Clintons are, at this time, focusing on their explanation of the donations and how they can lie their way out of it. Hopefully, any new disclosures will end up blowing her campaign out of existence.

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H/T: Reuters

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