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NFL Player Clinton-Dix Honors Fallen Police Officers With Names on Cleats

The NFL is suffering from low ratings thanks to players such as Colin Kaepernick who protest the National Anthem by refusing to stand during it.

Marshawn Lynch and Khalil Mack of the Oakland Raiders have also joined the shameful protests.

But one impressive Green Bay Packers player has a different point of view.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was so moved by the deaths of police officers in Kissimmee, Florida, that he honored them by putting their names on his cleats. This is extraordinary!

What a great role model. More NFL players should stand with Clinton-Dix and those police officers in blue who risk their lives everyday for our safety.

Liberals want to use race to divide us and inflame hatred for political reasons. But that type of race-baiting and cop-hating is un-American. No one should have time for that.

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