Chuck Schumer Supports Commission to Study Reparations For Slavery

Reparations for slavery have gone from the far-left wing of the Democrat party to the mainstream.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer voiced his support for House Resolution 40, a bill resubmitted earlier this year by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), which would create a ‘reparations commission.’

The resolution, co-sponsored by 107 Democrats, states that it would “establish a commission to study and consider a national apology and proposal for reparations for the institution of slavery.”

An apology and payment for something that no American alive today has experienced.

Schumer Says Let’s Do It

Schumer chimed in with a full-throated endorsement of the legislation, and in doing so, disgracefully painted America as a racist nation even today.

“Racism is the poison in America, it’s in the American bones, unfortunately,” Schumer said without evidence. “The legacy of slavery and Jim Crow is still with us.”

The Democrat legacy of fighting for slavery? The Democrat legacy of Jim Crow? That one?


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“When a significant part of America is held back, all of America is held back,” Schumer added, allowing he and his party’s ridiculous white guilt to take ahold of him.

Swipes at McConnell

Schumer, in his pandering desperation for the black vote, took a shot at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who, like most of America,  opposes reparations.

“What McConnell said was just preposterous and that’s why I’m supporting this legislation,” Schumer told Axios. “In his actions as majority leader, he’s done nothing to combat bigotry.”

McConnell recently joked that his own ancestral history of slavery and his opposition to reparations put him in the same class as Barack Obama.

“I find myself once again in the same position as President Obama,” McConnell quipped. “We both oppose reparations and we both are the descendants of slave owners.”

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Out of Touch With America

Schumer joins Pelosi whom the Associated Press reported “said in February that she supports a reparations study, a topic that hasn’t been the subject of a House hearing since 2007.”

Earlier this year, Pelosi warned her party that they need to “own the center-left, own the mainstream,” or they “risk alienating the moderate voters who flocked to the party in 2018 by drifting too far.”

Radical promises of reparations for something Americans have never experienced is most decidedly NOT mainstream.

A poll conducted in 2016 showed nearly seven in 10 Americans oppose paying reparations.

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