Last week, court documents listed two unnamed Senators as recipients of death threats, and Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed that he was one of the targets.

Last Friday, 74-year-old Ronald DeRisi of Long Island was arrested for allegedly making threats against two unnamed senators, which he reportedly called into their offices. According to the complaint, DeRisi made over ten threatening voice messages to two senators regarding Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote. We now know one of those senators was Chuck Grassley.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“Speaking to the Westside Conservative Club in Iowa, Grassley revealed he is “Senator-1″ referenced in a criminal complaint unsealed in the federal court’s Eastern District of New York. ‘My staff told me, you are not supposed to ever say that you had your life threatened. You are just Sen. No. 1, as far as the court documents are concerned,’ Grassley said. He added that he is only now speaking about the incident because it was made public over the weekend.”

Yesterday Grassley condemned the pipe bomb scares that rocked a handful of liberal current and former politicians, and CNN. He’s one of the few politicians to condemn violence on both sides rather than condemn it half the time, and politicize it the other half, like the left has done.

More left-wingers attacked or threatened Republicans

Mr. DeRisi was hardly the only person guilty of such behavior.

Susan Collins was bombarded with threats ahead of the Kavanaugh vote, and was essentially the victim of extortion. A group called “Be A Hero” raised millions with the threat that it would be donated to Collins’ election opponent if she voted to confirm Kavanaugh.

Susan Rice’s Republican son was assaulted while attending a pro-Kavanaugh rally, and Ted Cruz and his wife were harassed by a mob while eating dinner.

And of course, Kavanaugh’s wife and family also faced death threats themselves.

Why wouldn’t liberals behave this way when they have Senators like Cory Booker who painted the fight against Kavanaugh as a battle of good vs. evil, and people like Maxine Waters calling for violence against Trump supporters. Each side has their crazies, but at least Republicans don’t encourage theirs.

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