Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Is Dictating Press Access to Hearing (Report)

The list goes on and on and on and on.

Ahead of Thursday’s much-anticipated testimony by Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, of sexually harassing her in high school, new demands are reportedly being made for the hearing.

Previously, Ford issued a list of demands for her testimony through her attorney. These demands were mostly accepted, barring a few non-starters, such as the absurd request that Kavanaugh only testifies before her, and thus not get a chance to answer her charges. (RELATED: Senate Judiciary Committee Refuses to Accept Christine Blasey Ford’s Requests to Testify.)

And we just learned yesterday that Ford may not actually testify after all, as the latest letter from her attorney states that she is unhappy with the accommodations provided by the Senate Judiciary Committee and her depiction by other Senate Republicans. (Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Indicates She May Not Testify After All.)

So, it all comes down to this Thursday’s testimony, where Ford’s recalcitrant attitude isn’t helping her case. Should Ford drop out at the last minute and not testify, you can bet that Senate Republicans will quickly confirm Kavanaugh. (RELATED: If Christine Blasey Ford Doesn’t Testify, Brett Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed.)

The stakes couldn’t be higher. So what does Ford do? She makes even more demands! Now she is dictating the kind of press presence allowed in the room where she will be delivering her testimony.

The Washington Times reports:

Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers have asked senators to limit the press who will be allowed in the room to cover Thursday’s hearing with her and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and sought to dictate at least some of the outlets.

Coverage is one of a number of issues Ms. Blasey Ford’s lawyers are negotiating with Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Michael Bromwich said in emails sent Tuesday afternoon that he was requesting access for three “robocams,” three specific wire services, photographers from the Associated Press, Reuters and one unspecified service, and a pool reporter for newspapers and magazines. In a follow-up email he specified that the robocams should be operated by “the CSPAN TV pool,” and said he also wanted space for a radio reporter.

Question: Where are all the journalists who break down in tears every time President Trump calls the media the “enemy of the people”? Shouldn’t they be decrying Ford’s blatant attempt to shield herself from media scrutiny? It seems like First Amendment suppression, if you ask me, which, of course, no j-school-trained, Twitter-verified journalist will.

In all seriousness, dictating the terms of press access to your own testimony is a daring move. It also shows that Ford is more interested in appearance than in substance. Who cares what outlet covers you when you’re speaking the truth?

It would seem that Ford is trying to dictate the form her story comes in. One would think the truth would suffice.

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