Chris Matthews: Obama’s Presidency ‘Still Thrilling to Me’

Somebody get Chris Matthews’ leg under control. It’s about to get all tingly.

The MSNBC host who once proclaimed Barack Obama gave him “a thrill going up my leg” is admitting the magic is still there.

The ‘Hardball’ host was discussing the current crop of Democrat presidential candidates, many of whom have gone after former vice president Joe Biden and Obama’s legacy during recent debates. Several fringe candidates have seized on Obama’s deportation policies and signature health care law as a line of attack to separate themselves from the former president’s policies.

Matthews makes it clear he’s not about to abandon the S.S. Obama, however.

Matthews + Obama = Thrill

“The historic nature of Barack Obama running in ‘08 and ‘12 was so dramatic, I can understand why people of color who don’t normally vote, think it’s all BS or whatever, showed up because it was so thrilling,” Matthews said on Thursday’s program.

“I mean, I was thrilled. And I get thrilled thinking about what happened in ‘08. It’s still thrilling to me,” he gushed.


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“It is thrilling what he said in ‘04 at the convention in Boston, Obama,” Matthews added. “But you’re not always going to have a thrilling, charismatic African American person of either gender or any background to come on and say I’m the candidate for president.”

Wow. That is some romance novel-level fawning right there. For those keeping score at home, that’s six instances of the word thrill or some variation in under 30 seconds.

The First Thrill

Matthews, for all of his career accomplishments in left-wing media, will forever be known for this line from Obama’s 2008 presidential run:

I have to tell you, you know, it’s part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama’s speech. My – I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don’t have that too often.

His integrity fell off the cliff on a number of occasions when the MSNBC host would go through epic contortions to defend the Obama legacy, even going so far as to declare the words ‘Islamic‘ and ‘Chicago‘ to be racist, especially if they’re used to criticize Barack.

In 2015, a journalist asked him for an update on his leg.

In that instance, Matthews seemed unwilling to discuss his restless leg syndrome, instead telling the reporter to “go to hell.”

We’re glad to see Chris has come to terms with this issue once again.

Matthews also asked his panel whether or not the Democrats needed a candidate that could have that kind of effect on people in order to beat Trump.

“Does it take that? Or can Elizabeth Warren running with say Buttigieg or something, could they excite the inner cities, could they excite people of color to the degree you’re talking about that needs to win?” he asked.

Sure, Chris. Alfred E. Neuman and a fake Native American are really going to energize minority voters. It’ll be a guaranteed thrill ride.

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