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Chicago Police Union Announces Vote Of No Confidence In Kim Foxx After Jussie Smollett Charges Dropped

Evie Fordham on April 4, 2019

Chicago’s police union and a group of suburban chiefs demanded Thursday that Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx resign after prosecutors dropped charges against actor and alleged hate crime hoax perpetrator Jussie Smollett.

Duane Mellema, head of the North Suburban Association of Chiefs of Police, said the chiefs voted unanimously to declare they had “no confidence” in Foxx, reported The Chicago Sun-Times. His organization represents more than 30 departments.

The Smollett case did not start the discontent for the police chiefs, but instead became a symbol of the problems they had with Foxx.

“Our officers must explain your decisions not to prosecute to our local victims,” Mellema said. He also called the Smollett case “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” according to The Chicago Sun-Times.

Chicago Fraternal Order of Police president Kevin Graham also said the decision was about more than just the Smollett case.

“This is about many cases in the Cook County system that have gone un-prosecuted, or having charges reduced,” Graham said.

Foxx’s office responded by saying the police chiefs were resistant to the way her office prioritizes resources to fight crime.

Chicago police chiefs were not only angered that charges against Smollett were dropped. They said Foxx’s office also did not notify them, according to Townhall.com. Many of them are also upset Foxx’s office does not necessarily prosecute people charged for shoplifting or marijuana-related crimes, reported The Chicago Sun-Times.

The Chicago Fraternal Order of Police joined a group of protesters outside Foxx’s office in Chicago on Monday over the decision to drop charges against Smollett.

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  • Did this women get elected or was she appointed? If she was appointed more then Ms. Foxx needs to go, and Chicago needs to make sure they don't get suckered into dropping the civil suit against this smug smuck.

  • They need to go up one more step...…..right to the steps of Obama!!!!!   How stupid does the elite class think we are?  It pays to have friends in high places!

  • Do you remember the case in Baltimore where the DA accused the police officers without evidence.
    This is the same but in reverse.

  • Chicago / Cook County / democrats ---> Corruption. Here is the Cook County State Attorney who enforces only the laws that she would like, IF any. She is no doubt UN-willing to put a semi-famous bruddah in the lock-up. Elect democrats, you will get anarchy.

  • the FBI stepped in to control the mobs during the days of al capone. FBI ready to step in and rid the junk and waste from chicago. rid everything including obama and his cohorts and the corrupt city

  • Her Police Chief is Black, is he racist too ? This woman is dishonest, and should be relieved of her duties immediately ! Apparently, there is a HISTORY in Cook County, of cases that SHOULD be prosecuted, NOT being prosecuted. They need an HONEST State Attorney, NOT Kim Foxx !

  • Setting bond at $100,000 for someone you think will get off with community service seems a bit odd to me.

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