Nick Givas on March 28, 2019

2nd Vice President At the Chicago Fraternal Order Of Police, Martin Preib, said he supports a federal investigation into the alleged hate hate crime hoax of actor Jussie Smollett.

“We requested that [the FBI] get involved. We’ve actually asked federal authorities to get involved in looking at the Cook County state’s attorney Kimberly Foxx on several issues,” Preib said on Thursday on “America’s Newsroom.”

“So we’re very happy and grateful that the FBI’s going to take a look into this case.”

Preib said there is escalating tension between the police department and city attorneys that is continuing to breed mistrust within Chicago’s law enforcement community.

“Well [it’s] a lot of empty rhetoric. The tension between the police officers and Kimberly Foxx’s administration is intense. This decision in the Smollett case is intensifying that,” he said. “There’s a basic distrust there. I don’t think many of us buy these explanations that are coming out of her office. The story seems to change daily, so we don’t buy it.”

Preib claimed political favors are likely being traded behind the scenes and said the only way to shed a light on the corruption is to call in the feds.

“There’s political dynamics to it, there’s a mayoral election runoff next week. Why she did this, why she waited to do it, why she would drop charges like this and not prosecute a 16-felony grand jury indictment, we can only speculate,” he said.

“But there seems to be something very, very dark and suspicious that they would go to this length to just drop a case and endure all this national outrage over it. Hopefully the FBI Investigation can get to the bottom of it.”

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