Cher Breaks Down In Court As She Suffers Major Defeat – ‘Would Not Be Alive…’

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The radically liberal singer Cher broke down in court this week before a judge denied her request for a temporary emergency conservatorship over her 47 year-old son Elijah Blue Allman.

Cher Breaks Down In Court

People Magazine reported that Cher, 77, could not help but become emotional over her son’s wellbeing as her attorneys expressed her concerns for his health and safety. Her lawyers told the judge that she only filed the request because of how dire she feels Allman’s situation has become, and that she wants to handle the money that he is owed from his trust to ensure that it is managed for his benefit.

Cher’s attorney said that “she feared that her son would not be alive within the year” because of two ongoing issues: his “history of drug use” and his “schizoaffective disorder” diagnosis. She is also expecting to receive a bipolar diagnosis for Allman from a “leading physician.”

“Cher was told by doctors that if she did not take this step as his mother that he will once again end up on the street,” her lawyer stated.

Cher Doubles Down

Though Allman claimed in an objection to his mother’s request that he had been receiving treatment for addiction, Cher’s attorneys claimed that she is more worried about her son’s history of mental illness.

“[Drug use] is the secondary issue, it is the issue of mental illness that makes Mr. Allman vulnerable,” they argued. “He is surrounded by people who deny the mental illness component.”

Cher’s lawyers also revealed that Allman had been placed under several 5150 holds, which is a legal code in California that “allows a person with a mental illness to be involuntarily detained for a 72-hour psychiatric hospitalization.” The most recent hold was in September, when an allegedly sober Allman experienced a “psychotic episode.” 

“We are trying, your honor, to avoid this situation where his life is at risk,” Cher’s lawyer said, adding that the Grammy-winning singer is “very much amenable” and would “absolutely consent” to a “third party professional fiduciary” being appointed to Allman by the court. 

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Judge Rules Against Cher

Unfortunately for Cher, however, the judge ultimately denied her request.

“I don’t question Cher’s concerns being driven by concern for her son. I don’t think [Allman] questions that,” the judge said, adding that there was not “sufficient evidence” to agree to the temporary conservatorship because much of what the singer’s legal team was arguing was based on “fears” and hypotheticals. 

“That in and of itself is not basis for the court to appoint a probate conservatorship. I have not seen the evidence to grant a temporary, emergency conservatorship as of today,” the judge continued.

The judge concluded by saying that Allman “has managed his finances” and “has an apartment,” and “he has remained drug free” after submitting “several drug tests.”

Find out more about this in the video below.

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Judge Ends Hearing – Allman Celebrates

The judge ended the hearing by saying that they would resume with an additional hearing on March 6, as the proposed conservatorship case is still ongoing.

Allman immediately celebrated the legal victory over his mother.

“Elijah is thrilled, as the Court saw, he does not need a temporary conservatorship. He’s grateful to his fans, friends and community for their support. He’s doing great,” his lawyer said. “We’re looking forward to March. He’s doing great. He’s here today.”

Watch his full comments in the video below.

Cher shares Allman with the late Allman Brothers singer Gregg Allman, who she was married to from 1975 until 1979. What do you think about this situation? Let us know in the comments section.

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