Question: Is Chelsea Clinton capable of opening her mouth without humiliating herself?

I’m skeptical.

From denying her mother’s heinous record in politics to getting schooled by women sexually abused by her father, the apple of the Clintons’ predatory eyes is a proven failure at making zingers on social media.

The latest Chelsea bumbling was in reaction to a joke made by White House strategist Steve Bannon. When asked why Press Secretary Sean Spicer will step down from doing televised briefings, Bannon joked that Spicer had gotten “fatter.”

Liberals, as always, took offense to a joke that had nothing to do with them. But then Chelsea had to weigh in. Here’s her flaming hot take:

Clearly, the joke flew over Chelsea’s already empty head. Are we seriously not allowed to make jokes about people’s weight anymore without getting tut-tutted by a nagging girl like Chelsea Clinton?

Apparently not. Even though it’s painfully apparent that Bannon was joking about Spicer’s waistline, Clinton stepped in it anyway, and kept stomping.

One person called the Clinton daughter out, only to have Chelsea respond with more ignorance:

Yes, because I’m supposed to believe the easily recognizable daughter of a living president was standing inconspicuously in line at Starbucks waiting for her Unicorn frappa-whatever.

But seriously, what’s the world coming to when you can’t make innocent jokes without receiving a stern scolding from a children’s book author who is only famous because her father was president and her loser mother tried and failed to reach the Oval Office?

As The Political Insider’s Rusty Weiss points out, Democrats have no issue ripping people for their weight when that target is Donald Trump:

Color me shocked and surprised.

Here’s some free advice, Chelsea: get off Twitter. You’re not witty. You’re not pithy. You’re not funny. You’re not even coherent.

Please, save the American people a headache and quit trying to pick fights so that you can someday run for office.

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