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“You know, I would ask that question especially now if I was a black voter, and nobody likes a loser, right?” he continued. “We saw what happened to him in Iowa, you know?”

When he was asked about why he thought Biden was still polling fairly well with black voters, the radio host said, “I think that it is the Barack Obama effect. I think it’s the fact that he was, you know, Barack Obama’s vice president.”

Are Black Voters Ignoring Biden's Awful Record?

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Hillary’s ‘No Ways Tired’ Returns Via Biden

Biden’s outreach to black Southern voters certainly know no bounds, as also evidenced by this “no ways tired” ad that some have considered patronizing.

Hillary Clinton was accused of the same kind of pandering during her 2008 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Fake and rehearsed sounding black accents are probably not the best way to turn out the minority vote.

Neither is targeting black communities through Draconian “war on drugs” laws.

‘Tough On Crime’ Biden

Charlamagne Tha God believes Biden deserves more scrutiny given his tough on crime record that has put many non-violent men and women of color behind bars for lengthy sentences that far outweigh the gravity of their crimes. There are men and women in prison to this day who are serving longer sentences for non-violent drug crimes than those of rapists and murderers.

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“I think that lot of younger voters have been — a lot of younger black voters have been doing their due diligence, doing their research and they are aware of the ’94 crime bill and they’re aware of the ’86 crack laws,” he said. “And I think that is a big strike against him, and it’s a strike that he hasn’t really apologized for, you know? It’s more of, well, the national crime bill didn’t cause mass incarceration, you know? He still holds on to those things.”

Addressing both Biden and Bloomberg, the radio host added, “The same way that they sat around and they systemically created things to oppress and marginalize black people, they should sit around with some black folks and create a black agenda to up lift those same communities they once hurt.”