By PopZette Staff | November 5, 2019

Readers — many of them vehement — have continued to share their dismay and discouragement over the news that Catherine Herridge, a veteran reporter at Fox News — who had been with the network since its founding back in 1996 — has now left there and moved over to CBS News.

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“She will work as a senior investigative correspondent out of Washington, CBS News said, and will start in November,” Variety noted recently.

Her inline bio now includes that information as well.

The network itself also released a statement about the news on Twitter.

The CBS News announcement quoted Herridge as saying, “I feel privileged to join a team where facts and storytelling will always matter.”

After Shep Smith’s departure from Fox News in October after his final newscast several weeks ago now, Herridge becomes the second long-serving Fox News journalist to leave the cable news outlet.

Here are 10 new and telling reactions — presented below as readers wrote them — from people online who continue to share their blunt and unvarnished views and input over the news of last week.

(Did we miss yours? Send it to us.)

1.) “Sorry to see her go, but I cannot follow her to CBS. Please stay true to yourself. She is definitely one of the better ones.”

2.) “I am going to miss Catherine Herridge on Fox. She is the one reporter I felt I could always trust. Won’t be watching her on CBS, as they always spread fake news. Not sure I can understand why she went there. I guess she got a promotion, but I can’t think of it that way.”

3.) “So sorry to see her go. She is the consummate professional. I wonder if CBS will allow her the freedom she had at Fox News.”

4.) “She said the following: ‘I feel privileged to join a team where facts and storytelling will always matter.’ What a joke! Facts are nowhere to be found at CBS News. She will be a Trump hater very soon.”

5.) “Don’t know what they promised her, but her ability to investigate and tell the real story will be compromised. She is going to be disappointed.”

6.) “All reporters — ‘journalists’ — should take a big lesson from her. She is so good at her job that it had to be a rare individual [who] could have discerned any politically leaning bias one way or the other. As to her own mindset or opinions of any issue, she held them seriously tightly to herself.”

7.) “My only hope is she will bring fair and balanced reportage to CBS. I won’t know, ’cause I refuse to watch national mainstream media. Good luck, Catherine.”

8.) “This is a surprise and huge disappointment. Always liked her reporting and courtesy to other people on the news. Like other Fox News watchers, I won’t be watching CBS.”

9.) “I’m upset. I think she has such integrity. Why switch to that network?!”

10.) “She will fade away! Really surprised.”

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