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Children’s Cartoon Mocks Social Justice Warriors in Hilarious Bit

Nearly the entirety of the news media and entertainment industry is dominated by liberals pushing left-wing views on their audience, so it’s refreshing to see when one goes against the grain.

A number of cartoons have been poking fun at the insanity of the “social justice” movement lately, including the Simpsons and the entire 19th season of South Park.

The latest show to go off the reservation and actually inject a bit of common sense into the story line is Cartoon Network’s The Amazing World of Gumball, which recently took some completely unequivocal and hard-hitting shots at the SJW community.

In the relevant clip, the main character “Gumball” invokes a number of the regressive Left’s talking points about gender, obesity, and sexism. The story arc of the episode “The Best” dealt with SJW craziness, and featured “Rambler,” a fictional (and satirical) offshoot of “Tumblr,” which is described as a “bare-knuckle fight to see who is the most tolerant person on the internet”.

But the parody is most explicit in the segment below. Enjoy:

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