Conservatives Cancel Netflix Accounts After Streaming Company Hires the Obamas

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Is Netflix becoming a second White House?

Many are asking that question after it was revealed that the streaming giant hired Barack and Michelle Obama to help produce a number of shows and documentaries. (RELATED: Netflix Signs Michelle and Barack Obama to Multi-Year Deal).

The news was surprising, but not for the reason you might think. Netflix named Susan Rice, Obama’s U.N. Ambassador, to its board of directors earlier this year. (RELATED: Netflix Hires Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice – Conservatives React).

That move was even less of a surprise, as Rice’s penchant for spinning a yarn about how videos inspire terrorist riots in the Middle East is well-known.

While Rice’s appointment to Netflix brought many eye rolls, the hiring of the Obamas was a step too far for many conservatives. If Netflix as a company is comfortable putting the Obama band together, who knows what kind of liberal content they’ll start pushing next.

That’s why many conservatives are getting out in front of the coming liberal wave of entertainment and are canceling their Netflix subscriptions en masse.

Take a look:

It’s hard to argue with them. What sane person wants to watch a documentary or TV show produced by a man who never tired of lecturing America about why our values didn’t comport with his?

What show could Netflix want from a man whose entire life experience consisted solely of being a life-sucking politician? And what does Michelle Obama bring to the table? A cooking show where meat is replaced with tofu and sugar is substituted for chalk?

No thank you.

Netflix will regret adding the Obamas to their lineup.

What do you think? Will you cancel your Netflix subscription after this? Tell us your thoughts below!

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