Byron Donalds, Who Is On Trump’s VP Short List, Says Congress Should Defund The Government ‘If The Border Is Not Secured’

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Republican Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida says he would not vote for government funding “if the border is not secured.”

Donalds told Meet the Press on Sunday that there is no point in funding the government if it can’t even do it’s primary job of securing America’s borders, particularly the U.S.-Mexico border.

It’s worth noting that Donalds is on Donald Trump’s short list for vice presidential running mate.

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‘The First Job of the Government is to Secure the Border’

Donalds’ point about government funding and what government should prioritize was a simple one, but absolutely true. reports, “Donalds pushed back on NBC’s Kristen Welker over questions on whether he was willing to shut down the government over border security. When asked if he was willing to shut down the government, he instead pivoted to claiming President Biden ‘is willing to shut [it] down over border security,’ despite Biden never indicating he was willing to have the government shut down when funding runs out.”

“Welker continued to press Donalds on the topic, but the Florida Republican maintained that he is willing to support funding the government as long as the border ‘is secure,” AOL noted.

The story continued:

“I’m willing to fund the government as long as our border is secure. The first job of the government is to secure the border. Any business that provides a service, if they don’t give you the service, do you give them money?” he said. “The answer is no. Kristen, you don’t even do that.”

“The government has a responsibility. Our cities are overrun. Our schools are overrun. Our shelters are overrun. And Joe Biden allows the disaster to continue,” he added.

Unfortunately for Donalds, he has to contend with the Republican Senate. Republican leader McConnell has already told House Speaker Mike Johnson to “forget” the border, because the foreign aid bill sending tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine and Israel is the “only game in town.”

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Donalds is On Trump’s Short List for a Running Mate

Donald Trump recently revealed that he had a list, albeit short, of who he was considering as a vice presidential candidate for his campaign.

On it were, among others, Tom Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy and… Byron Donalds.

While Donalds says no actual meetings or discussions have taken place between himself and Trump’s team, he has long been an outspoken Trump supporter.

Donalds also said the following on Friday after his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC):

“I want to do everything to help win back the White House,” Donalds told the New York Post. “It’s about putting in the policies that work for the country and work for everybody.”

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