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Buttigieg to Illegal ‘Dreamers’: America Is Just as Much Yours As It Is Ours

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, speaking at a campaign rally in Utah, told so-called ‘dreamers’ that America is every bit their country as it is the average citizen’s.

The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, speaking both English and Spanish, sent a message to illegals that this is their country too.

He told those in attendance, according to Breitbart News, that ‘dreamers’ have “every bit a claim on this country as the rest of us.”

Buttigieg added in Spanish, “We should tell dreamers that we support them, and we understand that this country is your country too.”

Americans and legal immigrants – it’s their country. When illegal immigrants and ‘dreamers’ go through the proper channels and become legal, then it will be their country as well.

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Extreme Pete

The platform that illegal immigrants have every right to this country as it’s citizens is nothing new to Pete – he’s been espousing such nonsense for some time now.

Last week he echoed the same sentiment to a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient who questioned him at a League of United Latin American Citizens Presidential Town Hall.

“I want you to know that I see you as an American, that you belong to this country as much as anybody,” Buttigieg said to cheers. “And I think everyone here supports you too.”

With a nod toward mass amnesty for ‘dreamers,’ Buttigieg added: “You’re not only contributing to your community. You’re a taxpayer, too, and it is one of the reasons it is so important to secure the benefits of citizenship for you.”

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Sounds Familiar

Buttigieg’s comments demonstrate once again that the line separating moderates in the Democrat party from the fringe extremists has been completely erased.

Mayor Pete, we’re told repeatedly by the mainstream media, is a moderate. Yet we defy you to find any difference between his comments and the following statement about illegals being more American than President Trump and his supporters:

“The women and children on the border seeking refuge and opportunity in the U.S. with nothing but the shirt on their backs are acting more American than any person who seeks to keep them out ever will be.”

Do you know who gave us that gem? Noted moderate scholar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that’s who.

Buttigieg is also harnessing former vice president Joe Biden who told his supporters that ‘dreamers’ are “more American than most Americans.”

There is no difference between moderates and extreme leftists any longer – they all seek open borders and believe illegals have the same – if not more – rights than the average citizen.