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Bus Driver Just Took Major Action When These Kids Did This! Applaud Her!

Bus Driver

As a parent, I want you to know the world we live in is not lost. There is hope for our future generation when it comes to sincerity and kindness. We have to reward good acts with praise whenever we see it as this bus driver from Princeton, NJ just did.

Cindy Clausen, bus driver for #50 in NJ recently wrote a note to the parents of a set of siblings that rode her bus. She felt compelled to write the note after what she caught the two kids doing on the bus and felt she could no longer keep silent. Now, it has unexpectedly gone viral.

From Police World News:

Cindy Clausen is the bus driver of Bus #50 in Princeton, New Jersey. After being aware of how people seem to be on edge and acting out violently across America, she was absolutely stunned when she caught two students on her bus route doing something she never expected — they were being kind to another child who has a disability.

After the two kids, named Jorge and Annaliese, had repeatedly shown kindness to the boy, Jackson, Cindy felt compelled to write a letter and tell their parents what they had done. Once the letter made it on the Facebook page Love What Matters, it has since gone viral.

Here is the original letter:


Love this. All parents should read. A wonderful bus driver that is in sync with the children riding this bus and parents that have obviously taught their kids about using their hearts.

Here are some responses from the Facebook page where this letter was posted:

There are kids out there every day doing deeds like this and they should be rewarded and praised as this will manifest down the line and they will teach their kids and grandkids how to be kind and respect others.

H/T – Faithit Facebook Page, Police World News

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