British Church Considered Covering Up Crosses So Muslims Would Feel Comfortable Praying There

Controversy arose at a British church recently when its members and a female reverend reportedly discussed covering up Christian images – including crosses and a portrayal of Christ – so Muslims could pray there during Ramadan. This occurred at St. Matthew and St. Luke’s church in Darlington, England.

“They were told that a cross and a well-known devotional image of Jesus, a copy of The Light of the World by the pre-Raphaelite artist William Holman Hunt, would be covered up,” The Sunday Times reports. “The plans were discussed at a meeting held at the church on May 9 attended by the Rev Lissa Scott, the priest in charge, and Gerald Lee, a former mayor of Darlington who seeks to boost racial harmony through a group called Celebrating Communities.”

“One aisle in church to be cleared of chairs for Muslim men to say prayers,” The Sunday Times added. “Cover Christian crosses/photographs in small rooms for ladies to say prayers.”

Luckily the The Diocese of Durham intervened to remind all involved that according to the laws of the church, non-Christians are not permitted to worship in buildings under the jurisdiction of the Church of England.


A spokesperson for the Diocese told the Christian publication Premier:

“While it is vital to build good interfaith relations, it is clear that an act of worship from a non-Christian faith tradition is not permitted within a consecrated Church of England building. This is a legal position outlined in Canons B1/2/3 and B5 Section 3 where it states: ‘all forms of service used under this Canon shall be reverent and seemly and shall be neither contrary to, nor indicative of any departure from, the doctrine of the Church of England in any essential matter.’”

Christian Episcopal Church Bishop Gavin Ashenden told Premier, “When Muslims come into our church, we invite them to come in and respect Jesus. If we accepted an invitation to go into a mosque, we would respect Muhammad.”

“They realize that the vicar made a silly mistake, but I’m glad it happened because it raises in the public eye some important issues which people need to work through,” he added. “Islam and Christianity are not Abrahamic cousins in Middle Eastern religion. They’re actually antithetic to each other.”

“There seems initially to have been some misunderstanding locally of this, but that has been resolved now,” Ashenden continued, “with plans for Muslim Prayers to be held in a nearby building then the whole community coming together for a celebratory meal inside the church.”

Indeed. Interfaith relations are important, as the Diocese spokesman stated.

But at what cost? Certainly not covering up one’s faith.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • Precisely! They have their own! If that's the rule of their own place of worship, fine. But why do you need to worship anywhere else then?!

  • I never liked this Pope from the moment he took office. This is one of the many reasons I'm a Lutheran, we don;t follow the Pope.
    How do you feel about plain old 'Pastor'?
    Actually we have a woman here in Elmwood Park running for Mayor and you'd LIKE her. She's Republican, pro-life, and she's all for better education and family, and I'm voting for her.

  • TIMOTHY said that, not God. There;s a reason the Book of Timothy isn't read a lot in Services.

  • The shear insult to allow these animals to pray inside a Church of God is bad enough. But to desecrate that church by covering the cross, which is the symbol of our faith, as Christian, is beyond the pale in insults. It is akin to spiting on Jesus! Now, what do you think would happen to you, if you insulted Mohamed, or their pagan god, Allah? Just look at Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Death could not come fast enough for you, count on it. And tell me; if we pray to the same God, why do they hate the Cross and deny Jesus? Yeah, I thought so!

  • HOW can such Divergent Ideas Live Together?! I DONT want to live in the same country with people like this. May be time to consider moving Hungary, Poland, a solid Latin American country

  • Denying him. The same thing. "Jesus? What Jesus?" "Cross, What cross? The one that they hung what's his name on?" That Jesus hung on that cross to redeem the sins of the world. May He give me the strength to NEVER deny Him before men, in any way.

  • This is horseshit!! What’s next are they going to bring in Allah and Mohamed statues to pray to?? It’s a Christian Church!! GET IT!! GET IT!!

  • Cyanpuzzle: Musims do not permit images of ANY of creation-man nor beast-into their places of worship (or homes). It is one of the tenants of their faith to not present those for fear of becoming worshippers of G-d's creation-not Him. Of course, I do not believe the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Father of Jesus, is the same as their Allah, but do respect this view. That said, turn it around-would Moslems permit Christian worship with the usual accoutrements in their own mosques...? Naw, don't think so...

  • It came from the Muslims, THEMSELVES--who are EXPERT at playing the "persecuted victim." And, sadly, it comes from the conniving GLOBALISTS who stupidly think they are "using" the Muslims to take over countries one by one by FLOODING them with Muslim "immigrants", but in REALITY, the Muslims are using the Globalists to further their goal of world conquest and domination.

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