Looks like Hillary Clinton might want to implement a little gun control for her own delegates.

A Hillary supporter and delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia has been charged with attempted homicide after shooting her husband in the neck.

Deanna Vicites allegedly shot her husband in their home after a night of drinking. She at first claimed the incident was an accident, but later changed her story to an act of self-defense, claiming her husband had a history of abuse.

The District Attorney in the case said the incident was “absolutely not an accident,” adding “this is an intentional, reckless act.”

Here’s the kicker – Due to a prior felony conviction, Vicites was not permitted to possess a firearm. In other words, a criminal illegally obtained her gun and used it in a shooting!

For context, here’s Hillary’s Issues page which talks about “keeping guns out of the hands of … violent criminals.”

Via LawNewz:

A Democratic delegate, who is listed for Clinton, from Pennsylvania has been charged with the attempted homicide of her husband, who is a local political figure in his own right. WTAE reported that Deanna Vicites, who is listed as an at-large delegate by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, allegedly shot her husband, Fayette County Commissioner Vincent Vicites at approximately 1am on Sunday.

Both husband and wife told investigators that the shooting was not intentional, but Fayette County District Attorney Richard Bower said it was “not accidental.” According to investigators, multiple stories were given to describe what happened. One version of events alleged that Deanna Vicites may have been suicidal and under the influence of alcohol when she tried to shoot herself and missed, hitting Vincent. WTAE reported that Deanna Vicites has a prior felony conviction, so she was not legally permitted to possess a firearm.

Deanna Vicites was in jail on $250,000 bond as of Tuesday morning.

Vicites has yet to resign and faces a preliminary hearing on July 26th, the second day of the Democratic National Convention which will be held in her home state.

Some reports have indicated she is set to resign next week. If she opts not to, she could very well end up still serving as a delegate!

Comment: What do you think of this outrageous situation? If a Trump delegate had committed similar offenses, wouldn’t their name be national news by now? Tell us your thoughts on this breaking situation below.