With so many anti-police stories in the news, how about a heartwarming one instead? After fulfilling a terminally ill toddler’s dream of meeting police last month, the local PD returned to his home again this week to spread more holiday cheer.

The Chelsea and Boston Police Departments came together to give 2-year-old brain cancer patient Edison Cordero and his family a nice Christmas. They visited the Corderos with sirens blazing, bearing gifts including a Christmas tree, police-themed toys, and a $5,000 donation from Cops For Kids With Cancer.

But the biggest hit was the fully functional mini electric police cruiser that Edison could sit and ride around in. Edison is now an honorary police officer and his cruiser is an honorary part of the police fleet.

Check out this sweet blinged-out ride!

It’s stories like these that give you hope for humanity in a world so full of hatred and division.

Let’s all pray for a Christmas miracle to cure little Edison so he can grow up to be a police officer one day just like these heroes!

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