Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Admits Racist ‘Electeds Of Color’ Christmas Party Has Been Around For Years

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu defended her “electeds of color” Christmas party and admitted event that specifically excludes whites has been around for several years.
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Boston Mayor Michelle Wu defended an “electeds of color” Christmas party and admitted the event that specifically excludes whites has been around for several years.

Wu, a progressive Democrat, had the cover blown on the party when an aide to all members of the Boston City Council accidentally sent an invite out to white council members.

Fifteen minutes after the invitation went out, Denise DosSantos, an aide who serves as the mayor’s director of City Council relations, realized it had mistakenly gone to all council members, seven of whom are white.

“I wanted to apologize for my previous email regarding a Holiday Party for tomorrow,” DosSantos followed up. “I did send that to everyone by accident, and I apologize if my email may have offended or came across as so.”

Invitations for white council members were “rescinded” according to the New York Post.

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Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Defends Her ‘Electeds Of Color’ Party

Suffice it to say, had this been a reversal of races, everybody involved in the mayor’s office planning of a party for “electeds of white” would have been fired immediately and the mayor herself would be holding a press conference to announce her resignation.

But Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is a Democrat, and an “elected of color” event is perfectly acceptable if not encouraged.

Wu, a protégée of Senator Elizabeth Warren, who sometimes pretends to be an “elected of color,” responded to the controversy by essentially shrugging her shoulders. In fact, she seems to think the biggest problem with hosting a segregated holiday party is the unfortunate fact that white people were accidentally invited.

“We had individual conversations with everyone so people understand that it was truly just an honest mistake that went out in typing the email field,” Wu told reporters.

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Segregated Group Has Been Around For A Decade

In defending her actions, Wu admitted that the “electeds of color” group had been around for several years, predating her time in office.

“I’ve been a part of a group that gathers, representing elected officials of color across all different levels of government in Massachusetts,” she said.

“A group that has been in place for more than a decade, and the opportunity to create a space for people to celebrate and rotate who hosts,” she added.

Critics will be relieved to know the blatant racism didn’t just start with Wu.

Wu got into hot water over the summer when it was revealed by the Boston Herald that she and her staff had created an “enemies list” of people critical of her, and submitted it to the local police.

The outlet questioned whether it “crosses the line into using Nixonian tactics to suppress people’s rights to protest and intimidate her critics.”

Mayor Wu has said that there will be other holiday parties that won’t exclude whites, something we’re sure her husband will be glad to know.

The “electeds of color” party was held at the Francis Parkman House, according to Wu, and another holiday party for “all elected officials” and members of her cabinet will be held at the same location on a different day.

No word on whether attendees will be able to share water fountains at the event.

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