BOOM! Watch Susan Rice Give Republican Candidates Blueprint to Defeat Hillary Clinton

Loose lips sink ships and this Titanic is brought to you by Obama’s closest friend. Thank you Susan Rice!

Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton is being thrown under the bus and I can’t think why I have a problem with that.

Susan Rice Hillary Clinton

Saying Hillary Clinton was totally supportive of the disastrous pullout of U.S. troops from Iraq will be very helpful in 2016! The decision to not leave any troops behind in Iraq has given us the ISIS nightmare.

But here’s something to think about, too. When it comes time to handing out the orange suits with personalized state issued name tags, this statement could come in handy.

This clip should be used throughout the Republican primary and the general election. Check it out:


What did you think of this beautiful gift by Susan Rice? Do you think she knew what she was doing by throwing Hillary under the bus? Add your comments below and share this good news on Twitter and Facebook.

H/T: YouTube

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