‘Bombshell’ Movie Stars Disrespect Conservatives While Promoting the Lackluster Anti-Fox News Film

The former Fox News personalities deserved better, more honest and accurate performances. Now the celebrities are letting their liberal bias shine through their promotion of the film


By PopZette Staff | January 11, 2020

The movie Bombshell, which is currently in theaters, tells the story of the Fox News scandals involving the network’s former chairman Roger Ailes.

Since it was made by the liberal world of Hollywood, however, the movie is also a clear attempt to vilify the millions of conservative Americans who watch Fox News and support President Donald Trump.

While promoting Bombshell, the film’s stars have had a hard time hiding their own liberal biases, and have ended up putting their feet in their mouths when talking about the conservative base they tried to portray in the movie. One such star is Charlize Theron, who plays former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly in Bombshell.


During an interview with Vulture last month, Theron tried to say that she is friends with some Republicans, but things quickly went downhill when she tried to explain why she likes these so-called conservative acquaintances.

“I do have people in my life who watch Fox. I have Republican friends!” Theron said at the film’s New York premiere last month. “I think that we’re living in interesting times, where it’s not black-and-white, and I love my Republican friends because they all take major issue with this administration and its lack of empathy. So I have mad love for Republicans.”

So Theron’s only conservative friends (if they really exist) are never-Trump Republicans who’s views pretty much align with her own. Way to broaden your horizons, Charlize!

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Theron isn’t the only Bombshell star who has had difficulty talking about conservatives in a positive way during the film’s promotion. Margot Robbie, who portrays the fictitious character of Kayla Pospisil, suggested that she didn’t even see conservative women as real human beings until it came time for her to research her role.


Conservative women have been vilified so much in Hollywood that the young millennial actress Robbie said that she had to turn to Twitter to figure out that they are real people with real political views.

“Kayla and my political point of views are different,” Robbie told E! News, trying to separate herself from her conservative character from the start of the interview.

“I found Twitter to be a useful tool to hear what young, conservative millennial girls were thinking and saying. I just needed to come around to how they see the world,” she continued. “It takes a minute, you do your research, and then it clicks, and then they suddenly feel like a real person.”

This just goes to show how closed minded liberals have become.

In Theron, we have a liberal who is so set in her own ways that she will only associate with conservatives who share her radically anti-Trump views.

Then in Robbie, we have a young woman who is so entrenched in the liberal bubble of Hollywood that she was stunned to find out that conservative women actually exist out there, and that they may not be the monsters the entertainment world has made them out to be.

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Liberals have always tried to make conservatives out to be the closed-minded folks, but these days, it’s clearly the other way around. As President Trump would say: SAD!

Reviews of the film vary and of course the liberal-leaning Hollywood critics are all in, but some reviews are much more honest.

“Bombshell fails to be either smart satire or incisive political drama, which makes it just offensively banal”, said Joel Mayward of CineMayward.

Another honest critic wrote, “A messy, messy movie. What a significant disappointment. (Gretchen) Carlson, for one, deserves better.”

Watch the trailer:

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