Michael Bloomberg was confronted by a town hall audience member over his hypocrisy in wanting strict gun control in America while simultaneously employing armed security to protect him.

“How do you justify pushing for more gun control when you have an armed security detail that’s likely equipped with the same firearms and magazines that you seek to ban the common citizen from owning?” a man asked of the presidential hopeful.

“Does your life matter more than mine or my families or these people’s?” he asked.

The crowd in attendance erupted with applause at the man’s willingness to point out Bloomberg’s contradiction.


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Bloomberg’s Response

Bloomberg responded to the man’s concerns as you might expect an out-of-touch, exorbitantly wealthy elitist to respond – he needs guns and protection because he’s rich and famous.

“Look, I probably get 40 or 50 threats every week and some of them are real,” Bloomberg replied. “That just happens when you are the mayor of New York City, or you’re very wealthy, or you’re campaigning for president of the United States, you get lots of threats.”

Don’t you see it? Unlike you common folk, his threats are real. You don’t need self-defense because you’re not wealthy or running for President.

Bloomberg proceeded to say that, also unlike the common American, his people are actually well-trained in the use of their firearms.

“I have a security detail, I pay for it all myself,” he explained (he’s wealthy, you see). “They’re all retired police officers who are very well trained in firearms.”


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Guns Out of Minorities Hands

Bloomberg proceeded to explain that his support of controversial “stop and frisk” policing as mayor of New York City was, in reality, a means to enforce gun control.

“The whole idea is to keep people from carrying guns,” he claimed. “You just have to make sure there’s no guns.”

Which ‘people’ would those be, Mr. Bloomberg?

Recently unearthed audio from Bloomberg in 2015 reveals that Bloomberg supported stop and frisk as a means to control minorities in his city.

“Put the cops where the crime is, which means in minority neighborhoods,” Bloomberg can be heard saying.

He shrugged off the unintended consequences of minorities being arrested because profiling them was a way to get their guns. And the way you get those guns, he suggests, is you “throw them up against the walls and frisk them.”

Does that sound like somebody who should be dictating gun control legislation in this country? A man willing to throw people against a wall to get their guns – especially blacks and Hispanics?