Michael Bloomberg has revealed his plans to skewer the Second Amendment via a large swathe of gun control measures if he becomes President.

A Radical Gun Control Agenda

Speaking just yards away from the Aurora theatre in Colorado, where James Holmes killed 12 and injured 70 in a mass shooting in 2012, Bloomberg unveiled his anti-Second Amendment gun control agenda. If he was somehow elected President, he would instantly slice away one of the most fundamental constitutional rights. His plan includes requiring every gun buyer to obtain a permit before a purchase; create a federal 48-hour waiting period on gun sales; institute a federal “red-flag” law; and ban all guns in schools, colleges and universities, with an exception for law enforcement.

“As president, I will work to end the gun violence epidemic once and for all,” he said.

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Bloomberg tried to mask his hardcore gun control agenda in reasonable language. He’s arguing that just as voting is a “constitutional right” that requires registration, “this exactly the same idea, because a criminal with a gun can destroy our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

He also couldn’t resist taking a pot-shot at President Trump.

“Donald Trump seems to accept this violence and pain, and he and the NRA leaders say there isn’t anything we can do about it,” he said. “Every time I go to another funeral, I think ‘My God, there has to be something we can do about it.’ I don‘t accept that kids being murdered at school is something we should be used to.”

“Hypocritical Billionaire”

The NRA slammed Bloomberg’s gun control plan in a tweet, calling him a “hypocritical billionaire.”

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Gun Control Kills

As a Brit, I have seen what happens when a society seriously restricts the right to self defense. Gangs roam the streets of our capital, ready to stab anyone who dares to cross them. Homeowners cannot strike back against thieves or home invaders without the serious risk of prosecution. Terrorists don’t gun us down, but they use cars and knives and bombs instead.

Bloomberg’s policy only sounds sensible if you don’t understand the true cost of its implementation, which will be great. An unarmed America is an unsafe America.

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