Female YouTuber Blaire White Assaulted For Wearing Trump Hat

Conservative YouTuber Blaire White lives in liberal California, and, ironically, is a minority that the left doesn’t care much about.

White is well known for her videos that provide sharp criticism of social justice, feminism, Islam, among other hot-button issues. As of this writing, she boasts 350,000+ subscribers.

After spending the day in West Hollywood, White and her boyfriend decided to do a little social experiment for YouTube. They wore Make America Great Again hats around Hollywood. White’s boyfriend doesn’t run into many problems (presumably because nobody wanted to get beaten up), but she wasn’t so lucky.

Those who preach “tolerance” didn’t have much trouble assaulting her – even if they were men.

Some crazier factions of the Twittersphere are claiming that she “provoked” the assault, which truly says something about liberals’ mental fragility if a hat can trigger them into committing acts of violence. Regardless, White never interacts with the people who assault her in the video.


In a similar experiment, a black Trump supporter recorded the reactions he got walking around New York City as a Trump supporter…. and they weren’t pretty.

Now, how would the opposite social experiment turn out?

Michael Skolnik decided to do a minor social experiment when visiting Texas. Skolnik, an entrepreneur who was formally a campaign surrogate for Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election, decided to wear a shirt bearing the famous Obama “HOPE” photo around a small Texas town where 80 percent of the citizens voted for Trump.

When the media makes it sounds like everyone is politically at each other’s throats, what kind of reaction did he get? From red country, about what you’d expect.

It’s obvious by now that anti-Trump bias is turning liberals violent and unhinged.

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