Billionaire Cuts Off Donations To Columbia University Because College Kids Have ‘S*** For Brains’

Billionaire donor Leon Cooperman said he was done giving money to Columbia University in part because students today have "shit for brains."
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Wealthy donors are finally starting to realize that they are throwing money wantonly at an education system that is damaged beyond repair here in America.

Enter Leon Cooperman, an American billionaire investor and Columbia Business School graduate, who is clearly fed up with his alma mater.

Cooperman, who has given nearly $50 million to Columbia over the years, told Fox Business that he was done giving money to the university in part because students today have “s*** for brains.”

No truer words have ever been spoken.

The billionaire donor was born to a Jewish family in the South Bronx, New York City. And his main point of contention has been recent protests against Israel and students and professors expressing tacit support for Hamas terrorists.

“I think these kids at the colleges have s*** for brains,” he said.

“We have one reliable ally in the Middle East, that’s Israel. We only have one democracy in the Middle East, that’s Israel. We have one economy tolerant of different people, you know, gays, lesbians, etc,” Cooperman continued. “So, they have no idea what these young kids are doing.”

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Columbia University Donor Demands ‘Change’, Rips ‘Shit For Brains’ Students

Cooperman, the long-time Columbia University donor, also demanded “change” in response to tenured politics and history teacher Joseph Massad, who vociferously condoned and supported the attacks against Israel.

Professor Massad glowingly praised the Hamas terror attacks that killed over 1,400 Israelis and dozens of Americans in an article for the website Electronic Intifada.

He used phrases such as “astonishing,” “astounding,” “awesome,” and “incredible,” to describe the heinous actions taken by the terrorists.

“Unless I see a change,” Cooperman said. “I told them that they should fire this professor that made the comments he made.”

“War is hell, war is not good for anybody, but to praise what Hamas did is disgraceful,” he added. “Disgusting.”

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Donors Are Getting Spooked

Why exactly it took so long for Cooperman to realize that his money was being wasted on pro-terror, anti-American mush for brains students is anybody’s guess.

Universities – particularly Ivy League schools – have been breeding grounds for radical extremists for decades. I had covered the fact that Columbia specifically had hired an actual terrorist to teach at their school over 10 years ago.

Kathy Boudin worked for many years as a Professor at Columbia University’s School of Social Work before she died last year. She was a Weather Underground activist who served 23 years in prison for felony murder. She survived a bomb explosion when members of her group were trying to construct an explosive intended for use against U.S. Army personnel.

Boudin is currently praised as a hero on Columbia’s website. Ironically, that page solicits donations in “Kathy’s honor.”

Did Cooperman bother to research where his donations over the years were going while the school actively employed someone convicted of murder and was involved in bomb-making for use against American soldiers?

It’s sad that it takes demonstrations of radical anti-Semitism and support for terrorists to wake these wealthy donors up to reality. Maybe donate to universities that support American values and denounce war and murder.

Cooperman’s comments come as several donors and organizations have voiced concern about contributing to such institutions of higher education that foment violence and support terror.

One professor, from Berkeley, recently provided a voice of reason by telling law firms not to hire his anti-Semitic students.

“If a student endorses hate, dehumanization or anti-Semitism, don’t hire him,” he wrote. “When students face consequences for their actions, they straighten up.”

But students don’t ever face consequences. In fact, the more petulant, and childish, and extreme they act, the more they are rewarded. And donors like Cooperman send their money to provide resources to these universities that reward such behavior.

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