Only One Republican Votes Against Resolution Backing Israel, Won’t Condone ‘Open-Ended Promise Of Military Support’

Thomas Massie was the lone Republican lawmaker to vote against a resolution backing Israel and condemning Hamas.
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Thomas Massie was the lone Republican lawmaker to vote against a resolution backing Israel and condemning Hamas, citing an open-ended declaration of military support and unaffordable foreign aid commitments.

The resolution was the first order of business conducted by the House under the leadership of newly minted Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

It was approved by a vote of 412-10. Nine of the “no” votes came from members of the anti-Semitic “Squad” or those closely associated with the group. Six Democrats also voted “present” on the resolution.

While the Squad’s history of anti-Semitism and support for Hamas makes it clear why they voted against the resolution, Massie’s explanation is a little more cerebral.

And it has everything to do with getting ahead of endless war and funding for such wars by the United States.

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Massie A ‘No’ Vote On Israel Resolution

Whatever your feelings about Massie (R-KY) voting against the Israel resolution, he remains principled in his opposition to war efforts that include an open spigot of taxpayer money.

“I condemn the barbaric attack on Israel and I affirm Israel’s right to defend itself,” Massie wrote on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter. “However, I will not be voting for House Resolution 771 today.”

Unlike the far-left Squad, everybody is pretty united in their condemnation of the Hamas terrorist attacks that killed hundreds upon hundreds of Israelis and dozens of Americans.

But, as with most resolutions put forth by Congress, this one is not limited to simple condemnation of the terror group.

Massie argues that the Israel resolution “calls for sanctions on a sovereign country,” something he argues is “a prelude to war.”

“It contains an open-ended promise of military support that is so broad that it could be interpreted to commit US soldiers to the conflict. US troops should not be engaged in this conflict,” he added.

Aside from that, it also contains promises of more foreign aid that the American people can no longer afford to sacrifice.

“It asserts the necessity of foreign aid commitments which I have voted against,” Massie wrote. “Our country is going bankrupt and we can’t afford to borrow money to send overseas, yet this resolution states that we should.”

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Has Consistently Demanded Funding To Ukraine Stop

Representative Massie has remained consistent in his opposition to funding foreign conflicts at the expense of the American taxpayer.

It was roughly a year ago that the libertarian Republican from Kentucky called for an immediate halt to any further funding to Ukraine and an audit of any monies that had already been delivered by the President and Congress.

“We should immediately stop payments to Ukraine and begin a thorough audit of the $60 billion that Joe Biden and Congress have already sent there,” he wrote.

There remain no audits of aid being sent to Ukraine. And pro-war lawmakers like Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are more than happy to send even more money overseas.

That includes President Biden’s latest $106 billion aid request that primarily focuses on Ukraine and Israel and not the United States – $61 billion for Ukraine, $14.3 billion for Israel, and $6.4 billion for “border operations.”

The Israel resolution mentions U.S. support “including through security assistance” and vows to provide “emergency resupply” in our ally’s “right to self-defense” in the ongoing war.

“Legitimate government exists, in part, to punish those who commit unprovoked violence against others, but government can’t legislate thought,” Massie has argued previously as the lone vote against a resolution condemning anti-Semitism.

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