Bill Maher on David Koch’s Death: ‘I’m Glad He’s Dead,’ ‘Hope’ It ‘Was Painful’

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher said Friday night that he was “glad” libertarian billionaire David Koch had died and that he “hoped” it “was painful.”

The political world was rocked by the news of the philanthropist’s passing, and the Left pulled no punches in dancing on his grave.

Mind you, these are the same liberals who always say we need more “civility” in our politics.

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Bill Maher Goes As Low As You Can Go

In a segment captured and tweeted by NewsBusters, Maher said: “Yesterday David Koch of the zillionaire Koch brothers died … of prostate cancer. I guess I’m going to have to re-evaluate my low opinion of prostate cancer.”

“F*** him. The Amazon is burning up,” Maher continued. “I’m glad he’s dead and I hope the end was painful.”

In 1991, David Koch survived an airplane accident that killed 35 people which incentivized him to lead a life of good deeds and overall philanthropy.

“I was amazed that I had survived this accident. Thinking back on it later, I felt that the good Lord was sitting on my shoulder and that He helped save my life because He wanted me to do good works and become a good citizen,” David told Barbara Walters in a 2014 interview. “Following that revelation, I became tremendously philanthropic, and I intend to continue being very philanthropic the rest of my life.”


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David Koch Gave Billions to Charity

In his life, Mr. Koch gave nearly $1.3 billion to cancer research, educational institutions, health facilities and the arts, among other worthwhile causes.

But the Left doesn’t really care about any of that. Remember when Michelle Obama said “When they go low, we go high” at the 2016 Democratic National Convention?

Liberals have forgotten all about that. They continue to go as low as anyone could imagine.

The Right Strikes Back

More than a few on the Right spoke up in David Koch’s defense.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld tweeted, “so @billmaher said he’s glad david koch died, and his audience applauded. evidence of a needy phony and a gleeful mob uniting. Koch was a generous libertarian, whose millions went to fight disease. he did more for the world in a day, than Maher will do in his lifetime.”

The NRA’s Dana Loesch tweeted, “Wait until Bill finds out the dude didn’t like and refused to endorse Trump, then he’ll love him”

Vice President of NewsBusters Dan Gainor tweeted, “This is what media has become. News and entertainment are the same — garbage. @billmaher is the left.”

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Expect Bill Maher and other liberals to continue to attack President Donald Trump and Republicans for their uncivil “tone” now and in the future.

And given the Left’ behavior in the wake of David Koch’s death, expect the entire Right to ignore them.

These people have zero moral standing. To the degree that they ever did, they have completely surrendered it now.

John Hanson

is a professional writer and editor with over 15 years of experience in conservative media and Republican politics. He has been a special guest on Fox News, Sirius XM, appeared as the guest of various popular personalities, and has had a lifelong interest in right-leaning politics.

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  • Billy, Koch seems to be a consistent Born Again Christian. There is no evidence that you are. Koch is doing well now that he has died and met God face to face. When you die there is likely to be a personal crisis for you with no remedy.
    You've heard of "he who laughs last, etc"?

  • I can help you understand why Bill Maher is such an a-hole. Just imagine yourself waking up each morning, going to the mirror, looking to clear your eyes and realizing that you are still as ugly as sin (inside and out)! He’s as white as snow, a nose that would make any woodpecker envious, so short that he’s eye level with the bottom of a urinal, and then being spawn from a wild night between satin and Keith Richards, you’d be mad too!

  • Bill Maher When I first heard of maher he had a program called political incorrect and I watched him a few times only to discover that he was exactly in sync with the radicals of the day. There was NOTHING about him that displayed any deviation from the lib political line. The bad thing about having him die is that he would have a private internment, possibly in a guarded cemetery where the public could not visit his grave. I am sure that if the public could visit his grave it would have no grass on it for a circle about 12 feet around his grave . . . . Grass does not grow on urine saturated soil and I'm sure enough people would piss on his grave to contaminate that twelve foot circle .

  • Karma will ensure that Bill Maher dies from pancreatic cancer. The pain is unbelievable. Of course he will demand pain medications.

  • Bill Maher once again has proven that he is nothing more than an overgrown sphincter muscle! He has no ethics, no grace, and no class.

  • David Koch's was a libertarian and did not endorse nor like President Trump, he got awards in the black community for helping them. He believed in promoting entrepreneurship in the poor and black communities. he did more than one day than that piece of s*** will ever do for anybody, hey Bill maybe it's time for someone to give you a painful death.

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