Bill Maher Hits Biden Campaign For Blaming 254,000 U.S. Coronavirus Deaths On Trump


HBO’s Bill Maher said Friday that despite the Joe Biden’s campaign trying to blame 254,000 U.S. coronavirus deaths on the president, Donald Trump isn’t responsible.

Biden speechwriter and adviser Jon Meacham blamed Trump for the deaths when he appeared as a panelist on Maher’s “Real Time.” 

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Meacham Says Trump Administration Responsible For ‘Hundreds Of Thousands’ Of Deaths

Meacham said, “It’s easy, because it seems so incompetent, to make fun of it, but this is an administration whose fundamental incompetence has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the most significant weakening of institutions that, however flawed, have produced, by and large, a more perfect union.”

Meacham made fun of Rudy Giuliani’s press conference last week where Trump’s personal lawyer promoted still unfounded claims of mass voter fraud.

“It’s easy to be amused by Rudy, but we’re just lucky that our authoritarians are so incompetent,” Meacham mocked.

Maher Fires Back: ‘It Wasn’t Just Trump That Led To Those Deaths’

That is when Maher replied, “Everybody’s incompetent.” 

“It wasn’t just Trump that led to those deaths,” Maher said. “He certainly did his part, but we’re an incompetent country.”

“That’s true,” Meacham replied.

“And an unhealthy one,” Maher added.

When panelist and MSNBC reporter Alex Wagner said conservatives have ignored the pandemic for “completely partisan reasons” and chided Republicans for “inaction,” Maher wasn’t having that either.

“We have a battle right now against an unseen enemy, and one side has no interest in fighting it for completely partisan reasons,” Wagner said.

“I mean, that is a cravenness – the inability, the inaction, the dismissal of COVID-19 as a deadly virus tells you the ends to which the Republican Party and Donald Trump will go to preserve partisan worldview,” she added.

Maher shot back, “I mean, there’s blame to go around everywhere, there’s blindness on some parts everywhere.”

Meacham Failed To Disclose He Was A Biden Speechwriter While He Was Still A Contributor At MSNBC

Meacham recently made headlines when he was dropped as an MSNBC contributor after failing to disclose that he had been helping to write some of Biden’s speeches. 

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The New York Times reported that Meacham had been “playing a larger role than was previously known” behind the scenes of the Biden campaign.

Meacham was “writing drafts of speeches and offering edits on many of Mr. Biden’s big addresses, including one he gave at Gettysburg last month and his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention,” the Times reported.

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