You Won’t Believe Who Thinks Trump Will Win the Nomination

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Thus far, every poll for months indicates that Donald Trump has a strong lead in the race for the Republican nomination for president.  Still, pundits have had a difficult time comprehending that, dismissing the real estate mogul as a sideshow who will eventually flame out.

One person doesn’t think that will happen though – and he just happens to be a former president himself.

Bill Clinton spoke with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria over the weekend, and gave his take on the Trump phenomenon.  He called Trump a “master brander” who demonstrates “a lot of pizzazz and zip.”

Clinton added that he’s “generated some excitement.”

When asked if he thought Trump could actually take home the nomination, Clinton said “I think so.”

Zakaria simply responded, “Wow.”

Watch Bill Clinton’s Trump analysis below …

Via The Hill:

President Bill Clinton says Donald Trump could win the GOP nomination thanks to his ability to promote a unique personal brand.

“He’s a master brander,” Clinton said during an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Saturday.

“And when you’ve got a lot of people running, and people are trying, got to make distinctions, being able to put a personal stamp on it so people identify who you are, certainly counts for something, at least in the beginning.”

When asked by Zakaria if he believed Trump could win, Clinton said “I think so.”

Comment:  Who has a better chance of winning their party’s nomination, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

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