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Comedian Bill Burr Takes On Hillary Clinton

While comedian Bill Burr didn’t vote in the 2016 election and is no fan of Donald Trump, he’s made it clear that he’s had enough of Hillary Clinton.

Appearing on Conan following the election, he blasted Hillary’s constant excuse-making (which had only truly begun at that point) for her loss. “I’m sick of people making excuses for her. She blew it,” Burr said to a silent audience. “See that? Nobody thinks that, but she blew it. Listen, she lost to a guy who said three things a week that would torpedo anyone else’s campaign. How do you do that? It’s like playing a football game where the other team throws 20 interceptions, and you still figure out how to blow it. At what point do you take responsibility?”

And then Burr went off on the people blaming Hillary’s loss on “racism.”

“I love the ‘racist white guy thing,'” he said as be began an impression of a Hillary supporter. “A bunch of racist white guys came out of the forest and they were just going ‘Trump Trump Trump!’ It’s like where were all these racist white guys the last two elections when they could’ve voted against a black guy. ‘Oh I don’t mind the black guy but this white lady, we gotta stop her!”

That’s just one of many comments he’s made about the worst presidential candidate in American history. He’s been making fun of her before she was even a candidate:

Hillary really is pathetic. She deserves all this mockery and scorn for losing to Donald Trump and, yet, she still has the gall to blame everyone else for the loss. When will she ever learn to take responsibility for her failing?

As Burr implies, probably never. Hillary needs to go back to the woods and leave the rest of the country to President Trump.

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