Biden Was Way Too Handsy with Daughters of Senators

Vice President Joe Biden is known for getting a pass for saying inappropriate things. While common sense and proper decorum dictate that older men should not touch teen girls, this is exactly what Biden did while swearing in US Senators.

The daughter of Senator Christopher Coons rejected Biden’s kiss and clearly was uncomfortable with the Vice President’s invasion of her personal space.


These creepy actions highlight the double standard in the media. The Vice President of the United Stated physically touched daughters of United States Senators and his actions are dismissed by the mainstream media. This comes just weeks after they were obsessed over Republican Congressional staffer Elizabeth Lauten. The press was more interested in Lauten’s personal comments on her Facebook page about the Obama daughters than they are about the location of Joe Biden’s hands and mouth while with teenaged girls.

If your daughter was in this situation, how you would have handled it?

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