Biden Mispronounces Democrats’ Names During Speech, Asks ‘What Am I Doing Here?’

Joe Biden Keeps Botching Democrat Names Right During Speech: ‘What Am I Doing Here?’

Self-proclaimed “gaffe machine” President Joe Biden isn’t known as the smoothest speaker, and he had a difficult time reading his speech Friday as he mispronounced the names of certain congressional Democrats.

Biden seemed to notice his mistakes and make light of it – asking himself at one point, “What am I doing here? I’m going to lose track here.”

The President was visiting Texas in the wake of the brutal winter storm they experienced a week ago.

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‘Representative Shirley Jackson Lee’

During his speech he struggled to get out certain Democrats’ names.

“Representatives, uh, Sheryl— Shirley Jackson Lee,” Biden said, trying to say Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s name.

Biden continued, “Al Green, Sylvia Garcia, Lizzie Pinneli— excuse me, Pinell, and, uh…”

“What am I doing here?” the president said looking at his podium.

“I’m going to lose track here, and, uh, um— Mayor [Sylvester] Turner, Judge [Lina] Hidalgo, uh, thank you all for welcoming us.”

The Day Before, VP Kamala Harris Had To Remind Biden To Put His Mask On

The day before, on Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris had to remind Biden to get his mask.

Biden made an appearance at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. After his speech he began to chat with medical personnel but was unmasked.

Harris asked Biden, “Where’s your mask?”

“My mask!” Biden said heading back  to the podium to retrieve it and put it on.

Biden has been adamant about Americans wearing masks. Just before his inauguration, he urged Americans to ‘mask up’ for 100 days.

Just over a month ago, on the day of his inauguration, Biden signed an executive order to require masks on federal property. 

Just hours later, Biden went maskless to the Lincoln Memorial. 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended the move by saying “There are bigger issues to worry about at this moment in time.”

During a campaign stop in Tampa, Florida in September, Biden referred to the Harris-Biden administration.

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‘Harris-Biden administration’

“It makes it so much harder for military spouses to find good jobs and build their careers,” Biden said. “That has to change.”

Then he added, “A Harris-Biden administration is going to relaunch that effort and keep pushing further to make it easier for military spouses and veterans to find meaningful careers.”

“To ensure teachers know how to support military children in their classrooms and to improve support for caregivers and survivors so much more than we do now,” Biden finished.

Biden has a long history of gaffes, as noted by leading mainstream media outlets. 

Other outlets have explained Biden’s gaffes as the result of a stutter.

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