For the first time in American political history, the Democratic Party has literally fronted an intellectually challenged invalid who has no mind of his own, barely comprehends where he is, and simply follows the dictates of his handlers like a robot.

The thing President Trump has always had going for him is that he’s not a politician. And he never attacks the voter. Biden is/does both of these things. He’s hip-deep in the very swamp the world is so done with.


Liberal intellectualism died with President John F. Kennedy in Dallas and has never recovered. In its place, far left sycophants took control the party and sent it into a headlong slide down the slope of radical totalitarianism. Where they once embraced American exceptionalism, they came to hate it to the point of considering it fascism while embracing the dictatorial control of Communists they were once smart enough to despise. And now we see the culmination thereof in Biden.

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No spine, no intellect, and no clue. Just an empty puppet that his handlers within the DNC can use to further their increasingly radical agenda.


Biden is the first Democrat candidate in history to have his party actively hide him and prevent him from speaking as much as humanly possible. They have no confidence in his intellect or suitability, he’s just literally the best they could scrape up from a group of truly awful people.

And once he has to stagger onto that debate stage with no teleprompter, the rest of America will see it too.


What the left doesn’t seem to understand is that losing one’s livelihood is almost as bad as a death in the family. The left wants this because they want a welfare state where everyone is dependent on the government, and voting Dem.

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Hugo Chavez did the same in Venezuela, but it didn’t turn out to well for them, did it? Unless you are one of his children who live like rock stars in Europe while the rest of the country starves.

That is what socialism brings.


For now, Biden’s handlers and media sycophants have been able to contain most of the damage and present a glowing facade for him to hide behind even though they tried to torpedo his chances early in the campaign. But once “Uncle Joe” has to step on that stage, it all goes out the window.

No teleprompters, no handlers, no media lapdogs giving him softball questions, he’ll have to do his own thinking and speak without the filter his campaign has been collaring him with. And it’s going to be a DISASTER.

Live in front of Americans everywhere, the ‘Presidential’ facade is going to come crashing down and his chronic dementia and general cluelessness will be bared for all to see. No amount of damage control is going to contain what this drooling invalid will unleash upon that stage.

Get your DVR’s ready, it’s going to be biblical.

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Liberals should take another look at their cherished polls AFTER Biden makes the mistake of opening his mouth at the debates without a teleprompter to do the thinking for him. I’m not a betting man, but I’d wager the results will make for a rather depressing read.