Biden Goes After Harris’ Health Care Plan — You Can’t Beat President Trump With Double Talk

CNN started off the Democratic Debate trying to pit Sen. Kamala Harris against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden is far ahead of Harris that however he performed Wednesday wasn’t going to hurt him. Still, he went after Harris hard, calling her healthcare initiative a “have-it-every-which-way” approach.“ Biden also said Harris’ plan was far too costly and hit Harris for having shifted her policy stances.

“You can’t beat President Trump with double talk,” he said.

Harris’ proposal is the typical politician’s 10-year “plan” thing, where they are never serious about fixing anything, while promising Americans the sun and moon. She might not have realized it, but she seemed to contradict her new plan by indicating she was ready to eliminate private insurance much sooner.

Remember, Harris is a co-sponsor of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All bill, which would convert the country’s healthcare to a single-payer system over a four-year period.

Harris: “I devised a plan where it will be ten years of transition. I designed a plan where yes, responsive to the needs of American families, there will be a public plan under my plan for Medicare and the private plan under my plan for Medicare. Because the bottom line is this, we must agree that access to health care must be a right and not just a privilege of those who can afford it. 30 million people are going without access to health care.”

Biden: “My response is the senator had several plans so far and any time someone tells you you’re going to get something good in 10 years, you should wonder why it takes 10 years. If you notice, there is no talk that the plan in 10 years will cost $3 trillion. You will lose your employer-based insurance and, in fact, you know, this is the single most important issue facing the public and, to be very blunt and to be very straightforward, you can’t beat President Trump with double talk on this plan.”


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Based on the promises last night and the cost of it all, if I were on the stage tonight, I would offer every citizen one million dollars, tax-free and then walk off the stage, if I were a Democrat.

Based on the spending proposals last night, it would be cheaper and I would be at 80 percent in the polls. Unfortunately, the Democrat candidates cannot support this because they would not be controlling the people. So they have to offer free stuff with controlling ropes and chains attached to keep their subjects in line.

None of these people will beat Donald Trump in 2020. None.

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