President Biden promoted the idea that midterm election results could be “illegitimate” if Democrats are unable to pass their national voting bill. 

Biden made the comments when asked at Wednesday’s press conference if he believed the upcoming election could still be considered legitimate without the legislation.

“It all depends on whether or not we’re able to make the case to the American people that some of this is being set up to try to alter the outcome of the election,” he said referring to Republican efforts to preserve election integrity.

He also claimed without evidence that Republicans are trying to make it harder for minorities to vote. 

“No matter how hard they make it for minorities to vote, I think you’re going see them willing to stand in line and defy the attempt to keep them from being able to vote,” Biden said.

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Biden Suggests Elections Could Be Illegitimate

Biden expanded on the argument when questioned by a reporter as to whether or not the President felt we would have free and fair elections in 2022.

“Oh, yeah,” he replied. “I think it easily could be illegitimate.”

Biden followed up his remarks casting doubt on the legitimacy of future election results by telling reporters it’s former President Trump’s attempts to cast doubt on past elections that created a crisis of confidence.

“Imagine if those attempts to say that the count was not legit” (succeeded), Biden suggested.

He then paved the way to normalize doubt over election results if Democrat legislation is not passed.

“The increase in the prospect of being illegitimate is in proportion to not being able to get these reforms passed,” added Biden.

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A Walking Contradiction

The President seemingly contradicted his own arguments that voting in America is difficult by noting participation in the 2020 presidential election.

“Remember how we thought not that many people were going to show up to vote in the middle of a pandemic?” he asked.

“We had the highest voter turnout in the history of the United States of America.”

Despite those successes, the Democrat President apparently believes our nation needs legislation that would expand mail-in voting, grant federal control to elections, and require less restrictive voter ID laws.

Co-host of ‘The Five’ on Fox News, Greg Gutfeld, couldn’t help but laugh at Biden’s inability to focus on his argument that elections going forward will be illegitimate.

“That was amazing! The best press conference I have ever seen, and my favorite part is when he said the vote is being suppressed by Republicans,” Gutfeld exclaimed.

“Then he shows no evidence. Then he says that 2020 had the most votes in history, in which he offers evidence that there is no suppression. So he totally negated the need for the bill,” he added.

“Did he just admit that the 2020 election was corrupted and you need the bill or did he admit that the voting bill isn’t necessary?” Gutfeld continued. “Where’s the outrage when the President subverts our faith in the precious republic’s election?”

If any of these words came out of the mouth of Donald Trump, all the media would be able to talk about is the “big lie.”

In an angry and divisive speech last week, President Biden urged Democrats to nuke the filibuster to pass voting reform legislation and suggested anyone opposed to the legislation was comparable to notable racists from the past.

“Do you want to be on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor? Do you want to be the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?” he asked.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hammered Biden over the comments calling them “profoundly unpresidential” and “deliberately divisive.”

It appears we’ll get a chance to see just how far Biden is willing to go to cast the midterms as illegitimate.

A bipartisan group of senators on Wednesday voted against changing filibuster rules to ram through Democrat voting reform legislation.