Biden And Stephen Colbert Mock Trump’s Golf Game With Lame Jokes

Find out why President Biden is facing criticism after mocking Trump's golf game in front of rich donors.
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As readers of The Political Insider are aware, President Biden and former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump all made an appearance in New York City late last week.

Trump was there attending the funeral of New York City Police Officer Jonathan Diller. The officer was tragically shot and killed in the line of duty on March 25th while conducting a traffic stop in Queens.

Conversely, Biden, Obama, and Clinton were all in town for a Democrat fundraiser with tickets priced between $225 and half a million dollars.

While the opposing optics were bad enough in general for Biden, new video shows the President laughing it up with Stephen Colbert at one of the campaign receptions. While Trump was consoling the family of a murdered police officer, Biden was mocking Trump’s golf game in front of rich donors.

Biden didn’t hide it either. In fact, he thought his scripted jokes were so good that he highlighted them on his X account.

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Biden Makes Fun Of Trump’s Golf Game

Let’s go through that exchange, shall we? Keeping in mind that Stephen Colbert often claims to be a comedian. Colbert’s comedy is what a dumb person thinks a smart person sounds like. It’s what you’d get if you ordered Jon Stewart on Temu.

Notice the setup. Colbert desperately wants you to think Biden is an active man. His rigorous travel schedule you see, is proof of this.

“Since the State of the Union, President Biden, you’ve been busy,” Colbert claims. “You’ve been in Raleigh, Saginaw, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Vegas, Hotlanta, the Philly suburbs, Manchester, Dallas, and Houston.”

“Donald Trump, as far as we can tell, has just been trying to win a third championship at his own golf course.”

Reality, sir, can be brutal. Everybody knows that President Biden spends the majority of his time being coddled in the basement. And he’s spent over 40% of his presidency on vacation.

Then came Biden’s big moment. The joke about Trump’s golf game. Colbert happily led him to the punchline.

“Can voters trust a presidential candidate who has not won a single Trump International Golf Club trophy? At long last, sir, have you no chipshot?” he jokes, mindless seals clapping along in the background.

“Well, look, I’d be happy to play,” Biden replies. “I told him this before, when he came into the Oval when he was being — before he got sworn in. I said, ‘I’ll give you three strokes if you carry your own bag.'”

Now, we all know that didn’t happen. And we appreciate that Colbert’s writers had to feed him something to keep him awake.

But if Biden played a full round of golf, it’s likely he’d suffer three strokes.

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Dark Brandon

Biden isn’t about to hit the links with Trump. He can’t scale the little kid stairs on Air Force One, let alone play a round of golf.

The President though, also played off Colbert’s assertion that he is just too super busy these days.

After the laughter died down from Biden’s epic golf slam he added, “And I’ve only played 21 holes since I’ve been President.”

So there you have it. Biden challenged Trump to a golf match. Believes he can beat him even though he’s very busy and hasn’t had any practice. Oh, and as every golfer knows, he played a 21-hole round I guess? Or one round and three extra holes?

Again, reality. Politico reported in October of 2021 that Biden at that point had already played 10 rounds of golf since his inauguration.

So yea, none of what was said is true. But he gave it his best. He really wants his voters and aging fans of Colbert’s to know he truly is the edgy Dark Brandon persona.

While all this was going on, the family of Officer Diller was praising Trump for showing compassion. While Biden was making golf jokes and rubbing elbows with Colbert and Lizzo, Trump was praying with the family.

“It was my great honor to be with each and every one of you yesterday,” the former President wrote on Truth Social in response.

NBC News reports that President Biden is so desperate to turn his terrible poll numbers around, that his campaign has no choice but to try and get “under Trump’s skin.”

In reality, he’s getting under the skin of clear-headed Americans who recognize an out-of-touch elitist who perpetually lies when they see one.

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