BET Founder Bob Johnson Says That Trump Being Reelected Would Be Great For Black Americans

BET Founder

Bob Johnson, the business mogul who is the founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET), just defied the radical left by agreeing that four more years of Donald Trump being in office would be a good thing for black people because they see a “minimal return” when voting for Democrats.

BET Founder Praises Trump

Johnson told CNBC that “based on the last four years, the answer would be yes” that four more years of Trump would be a positive thing for black Americans.

“If you take the notion that Trump’s focus is on building the economy, building manufacturing, creating more jobs, then, the answer again, is yes,” said Johnson, when asked if Trump being reelected would be a good situation.

“I’m not fearful that a Trump reelection is going to be an assault on the political, cultural, social eights of black Americans,” he added. “It didn’t show up in the past four years in terms of economic opportunity, and so, today, I don’t see what the black community has gotten over the past eight years of Democratic leadership.”

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Johnson Doubles Down

Not stopping there, Johnson went on to point out that black Americans are “seeing minimal return” by voting for Democrats.

“I think black Americans are getting a little bit tired of delivering huge votes for the Democrats and seeing minimal return in terms of economic wealth, and closing the wealth gap, job creation, job opportunities,” the BET founder said. “And Joe Biden was not an inspiring candidate for many black Americans. Some of them stayed home, some of them voted for Trump.”

Johnson also touted all that Trump did for the black community during his first term, citing the fact that the black unemployment rate hit a record low during his first four years in office.

“For African-Americans, under Trump’s leadership, we have the lowest unemployment rate for black Americans in over 50 years,” he said. “We also saw investments in black businesses and black communities through the Opportunity Zones.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on November 5, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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