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Bernie Takes the Lead, Beating Biden in Latest New Hampshire Poll

According to a Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll released Wednesday, Bernie Sanders has taken the lead in the important early primary state of New Hampshire.

Bernie Takes the Lead

The poll was taken from September 4- 10, 2019, among 425 likely Democrat primary voters. The majority of participants say the socialist Democratic Senator is now their first choice, giving Sanders a strong lead at 29 percent.

Joe Biden is still the national frontrunner, but came in second place in New Hampshire with 21 percent support. Elizabeth Warren was third with 17 percent.

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The rest of the candidates could not even get double digits and didn’t come anywhere close to the top three. Kamala Harris was a distant fourth with with six percent support. Andrew Yang was fifth place with five percent. Mayor Pete Buttigieg got four percent.

The margin of error is +/- 4.8 percent, which means Sanders is in the lead even taking into account statistical error.


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Another Poll Also Showed a Sanders Surge

Last month a Gravis Marketing poll released showed a Sanders surge in New Hampshire, with the socialist beating Biden, 21 percent to Biden’s 15. Warren got third with 12 percent support.

Not all New Hampshire polls have showed Sanders leading. A CBS News/YouGov Tracker survey released Sunday showed Warren had a slight lead in the state with 27 percent. Biden came in at 26 percent and Sanders received 25 percent.


Breitbart News recently reported that Warren might be building a strong coalition of support in New Hampshire, with many undecided delegates reportedly now favoring her. Politico spoke to 100 delegates in New Hampshire, many of whom had grown cold regarding Biden.

Worries About Biden

Politico reported, “Dozens of state representatives, party leaders, operatives and volunteers said they weren’t planning to vote for the former vice president in the nomination contest — and many publicly aired concerns about his age, energy and gender.”

“The complaints about Biden from party soldiers often centered on his campaigning skills, and a desire for more diversity in Democratic leadership,” Politico continued. “Notably, few undecided delegates named Biden when asked who they were leaning toward.”

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“I’m tired of old white guys telling me what to do,’ said Rachel Cisto, an uncommitted delegate who is leaning toward “Warren or Sanders.”

Does this poll and others favorable to Bernie Sanders mean trouble for Joe Biden, or is it Elizabeth Warren both men should really be looking out for?

Whoever wins the New Hampshire primary often goes on to be the nominee and the leader in the state keeps changing. You have to expect that at least the top three are banking on this still being anyone’s race.